Monday, December 21, 2009

Is it already December?

I can't believe that Christmas is in a few short days.

I've finished up all my projects and am now in the process of enjoying the season.

Hubby is home all week except for Wednesday when he has to work. He didn't have to take any time off, we just lucked out on how his schedule worked this week.

I'm no longer working in scouts. I was released last week. I haven't heard about a new calling yet. that always makes me nervous. But I've pledged to enjoy the time off. No scouts no scouts NO SCOUTS!

Hubby is now teaching the 17 year old sunday school class and enjoys it very much. He's had a light few months since all of his class has gone to college, left on missions or is preparing for a mission. He has been the permanent substitute. At least for 1 more week!

C loves first grade. Her teacher is Mrs. Hanson. She really is a great teacher and she has the kids reading really well.

A is still loving preschool. Its a good thing she didn't start school this year because her attention span is still short and she is just starting to form letters for writing.

She is working on saying her L's. She says w instead of l. But not at the beginnings of words. Its cute to hear, but isnt' good when thinking about school next year.

Speaking of A, she's really on one right now. It all started with her finding the gingerbread house kit that we do each christmas. She opened it up and ate all the candy from it. It kept going from there and yesterday at church she attacked a hymn book with a crayon. I'm not sure if its a phase or what but it has got to STOP! I'm hoping an entire week home with me and hubby will help. I've also got some good ideas up my sleeve. (I think its an attention thing, and needing more limits. we're working on it)

We got 2 cats. Yes. We have 2 more animals. But we did sell all the baby turkeys for thanksgiving. So we don't have as many animals as we did have.

We got a momma cat and her baby. The mom is a mouser which we need since we have mice in the woodshed, chicken coops and garden. Yesterday I was filling up the water for the chicks and found 2 dead mice. Yep. Isn't it fun!

The only problem is the dang cat has been pooping in the yard! I've never had a cat poop in a yard. The outside cat I had growing up always pooped elsewhere. So now we have had to buy a litter box for the outside cat! I'm not sure what to do about this. The cat saw it, pottied in it, and then went out and pooped in the yard. I don't know if the cat knows how close it is to finding a new home. Its kitten on the other hand has been pooping in a flowerpot full of rosemary. So I have high hopes that it will transfer that to the litter box and do great with it.

This is why I don't think we'll have a dog. Dogs poop in the yard. I hate stinky dog poop on my shoes.

Anyway, enough about animals.

How about sleeping wierd? I woke up this morning with a kink in my neck. must have slept on it wrong last night.

There were doublers from Albertsons in the paper last night. With some help from who I ran into at the store, I was able to get some great deals!

Hubbies birthday is today. We've had pizza for lunch, by request. I also picked up some redbox movies for free using the "dvdonme" code . you can use it as many times as you have credit cards. (once for each card).

I've also got a few more free codes so I'm sure we'll enjoy other movies this week.

Is it wrong that now I've finished my christmas projects, I'm thinking about what project I want to take on next? yeah, I guess I'm wierd.