Tuesday, April 24, 2012


They say the only thing that never changes in life is change. Or something like that anyway.

C is getting braces on Monday! Its only phase 1, on the front 4 teeth on the top of her mouth. but whoa. Big changes.  she was having a big problem with teeth coming in behind other teeth and 2 different orthodontists said she needed to get into braces and get that fixed right away (cross bite).  Then in a few years when she is older she will get braces on the rest. If you could see my kids teeth. When the adult teeth started coming in all I could see were dollar signs.  Luckily A - who will most likely have the same problem - has been told that she needs a few more years before starting. Whew.

Baby E is growing and changing as well.  his newest trick is that he growls.  he loves to make the noise and loves the attention it gets him.  If he gets a response, he will keep on growling. Or if you growl back he will keep on going.  Until he gets tired.

He has a great sense of adventure.  the other day I had been washing wool and was spreading it out on a sheet in the front yard (its the sunniest place and no neighbors to complain!)  and he was with me.  He started crawling away (first time he has crawled on grass really) and crawled clear over to the trees lining our private lane.  Then he turned and crawled towards the side yard.  And then started crawling towards the back yard.  At this point I was calling to him trying to get him to come back.  He wasn't responding and then I couldn't see him anymore because he was on the side of the house.  What you don't realize is that our yard is huge and the kid had gone really really far. I wasn't comfy with it anyway.  so I finished the bit of wool I was spreading and kept leaning over and yelling for him.  He finally turned and then realized how far he was.  At that point he started crawling back to me and cried the whole way. It was pretty funny.  When he finally got back to me I gave him a hug and a few minutes later he was off again!  He loves to explore.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

New happenings

So, lots happening over in our neck of the woods. Well, lots of little things anyway.

Baby E is now very good at recognizing the words "eat",and "go", and cries when we use the word "No" sternly. It gets quite a reaction. He is crawling everywhere and loves to put his hands on slidey stuff like DVD covers and packages of diapers and then slides them all over the house. Its pretty cute.

He bear crawls when the floor is to hard or cold for his knees. He hates hats. He loves food. But I guess that is apparent when one of his favorite words is eat. He is also starting to recognize "peaches". He has the whole ward wrapped around his finger. He is the smiliest little boy around. And very mellow. If he is cranky, you can almost bet that he is hungry. Feed him, and life is ok again.

A is doing well in school. She loves to read and check out books at the library like her older sister. She wants to ride a 2 wheeler, but for now has settled for training wheels until a parent has more time to work with her and encourage her. She loves to help me with the greenhouse and the baby chicks. Yes, we have baby chicks right now. She is becoming more responsible and is doing great with her piano lessons. she is excelling at them and one of the things she loves to hear is that she is playing a piece just like her older sister. Can you sense a trend?

C is also doing well. she recently learned how to ride a 2 wheeler without training wheels after lots of practice and determination. She is more timid than her sister when it comes to the animals, and the greenhouse doesn't interest her as much as her sister. But she loves to read. She is a great soccer player as well. At her game this past Saturday, she scored 5 goals. All of last season she only scored 2 goals, so this is a great improvement. A also had a red letter day at Soccer. she scored 2 goals as well. We were so impressed by their mad soccer skills we took them out to Red Robin to celebrate.

I'm doing great, Hubby is doing great. Nothing big to report at this time. the plants in the greenhouse are going nuts (except for tomatoes. Why are tomatoes always the issue?) the chickens are grown and giving us about a dozen eggs a day.

Oh, we do have 2 new steer in the pasture. An Angus and a Hereford. Both are beef cows and not milk cows. so we should get a decent amount of beef from them...Fall of 2013!! Yesssirree Bob, they take a good bit of time to grow. We considered not buying cows again due to the rising cost of cows, but the thought of trying to keep the pastures mowed and we realized it would just be easier to do cows. Besides I do enjoy getting outside during the winter to feed them. Except for that really really cold winter a few years ago...cross your fingers for me 'kay? that one was also a pain for the chickens. That year we got heated waterers due to them freezing all of the time. Really worth it!

I've been cleaning out the garden some. If you want any garlic starts come on over. Now. Before I tear them all out. I've got garlic growing in 3 different beds.

I'm moving some strawberries around and also putting in 2 new blueberry bushes in my neverending quest to grow them. yes, we plant them and kill them. we did have one take off really well last year, but it didn't ever have any berries. I'm hoping that was just because it was new. If it doesn't have any berries this year, it may get the cut. Of course, I may not get around to it for a few years :) .

anyway, I've got to go and check on the chicks. I put them in a new coop today and in the past I've had problems with them trying to sleep outside in the cold. Chickens are stupid. What can I say? Except that Turkeys are positively DUMB.