Sunday, January 22, 2012

He's Crawling!

Baby E is crawling! It started with him going from a 'crawling position' that we would torture him with to a sitting position. Then came the day he figured out how to get from a sitting position to a crawling position. Then I could sit him on the floor and he would move a little, but stayed about 2 feet from where I put him. He accomplished this with his clever sitting,crawling stance maneuver. Then. THEN. yesterday. He figured it out. Granted, he won't do long distances, and if you try and get him to come to you, he won't. But its so cute. He does the one knee one foot crawl. I'm so excited for him!

Yeah, but ask me in a month when I'm having to hide things and shut doors and pull him out from underneath the chairs in front of us at church how I feel.

But for now, I'm excited!!! I even took a video of it!

On the down side, this morning he woke up with a fever. Poor kid. The second one ever that I can remember. He has a cold. One of those snotty, sneezy ones. You look at his eyes and you can just see he doesn't feel well.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Another day

So, this was a crazy day. Baby E decided that night was day last night and was up for a while around 3-ish. so today we are both cranky.
Top that off with the kids being home from school and Albertsons Doublers and you have a potential recipe for disaster.

But we all made it through. The girls were great. They did their chores with very little protest, played with Edison, and were just generally helpful. They were a little crazy at the grocery store due to smuggling in money I had told them not to bring, and a little noisy during E's naptime. But I was grateful for their help today.

My challenge this year is to be more organized. I'm going to try by doing things such as planning menus (I'm not good at doing this all the time). Its more like every few months I think I need one. I know we eat better when I do. More healthily.

anyway, that is all that is coming to mind at this moment. I'll write more later when I have something more interesting to say :)

Friday, January 6, 2012

The long drawn out story

Because I don't think I can tell any other kind!

So last night, it was around 11 or 11:30 I was ready to go to bed. Hubby was already asleep sawing logs and the kids were asleep in their beds.
I proceeded to get ready for bed. Contacts out, pajamas on, ready for bed. But. My feet were cold. I can't go to sleep with cold feet. I just can't. I find it really really hard.
So I grabbed a book and went out to read by the fire. I was doing great, getting warm and just about to get up and go to bed. When. I felt a sharp stinging sensation. You know the feeling when your clothing gets snagged on your skin? It doesn't happen very often but when it happens it hurts until you get it unsnagged. Well, when I moved the clothes around in that spot, the stinging didn't go away. Then I looked down and saw my worst nightmare.
Right next to my leg was a WASP. Moving around, looking a bit dazed.
Where did the wasp come from, you might ask.
Well, have you ever seen a stack of firewood in the summertime? Its a great place with little hidey holes and all sorts of nooks and crannies. Perfect place for a wasps nest, right?
Thats right. There was a wasps nest in our firewood this summer. Just found out about it.
When the weather goes cold, the wasps basically just stop moving. I don't know if its hibernating, but they certainly aren't dead. And you don't always notice them when you are grabbing firewood. This wasp had been on the log in the stack, got moved from the stack to the back porch stack, and then moved into the house. All on a log unnoticed. Needless to say I'll be checking logs more thoroughly before the enter the house.
Yes, this has happened before. But its been a few years. And I usually figure it out/hear the buzzing before anyone gets stung.
So anyway, after some baking soda and water paste, the stinging went away. But it took me about another hour and a half to stop trying to find the buzzing I swear I could hear, close all the kids doors (kids killed by wasp after being stung over and over! Yes I'm paranoid) and trying to come down from the adrenaline. I also managed to tear open a wound from where I sliced my finger open on a mandolin. Those babies are sharp! It happened Wednesday night and I was letting it air out for a few hours and it got scraped when I grabbed a wooden block to bludgeon the wasp to death. I felt like the walking wounded last night.

Anyway, just another adventure at our house!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Long time no post

Sorry about that. Life has been busy blah blah blah.

The baby is now 9 mos old. Wow. Lots of cute blond hair. No need for a haircut yet. Making all sorts of ba ba ba da da da ma ma ma noises. Will stay in the crawling position, but has no idea how to move. We are still working on that. Loves Mom way to much. There is love and then there is throw-a-fit-everytime-he-sees-mom-and-she-doesn't-pick-him-up. Oh my.

Today I took him out to feed the chickens with me. the girls were at Piano and my choices were to leave him inside to cry the whole time or take him with me. I grabbed his bumbo, a bucket of chicken food and off we went. I had let the chickens out earlier to do a little free ranging, so I hauled him around and the bucket of food and we got those chickens in their coops. There were a couple of stupid chickens, but eventually they all went home for the night. I then put the baby in his bumbo near the coop with smaller birds. He stared with wonder. It was really fun to watch his reactions.
I fed and watered the flock and then he had had it. He was cold and wanted his mama. So we went inside and I fed him near the fireplace.

My oldest is turning into quite the little mom. She loves her little brother and takes every opportunity to play with him or haul him around. He doesn't mind it if she gets him up in the morning. She just grabs him and puts him on the floor in her room while she gets ready. This usually happens because I'm in the bathroom or something like that.

The girls love piano and reading. They both love school, although C told me today she wants to be a 2nd grade teacher. Something about multiplication being so HARD. LOL. A wants to be a doctor today. I told them both that it sounded great.

Hubby and I have new callings. He in the Elders quorum pres. and me in the primary pres. so that along with 9am church has us running crazy at our house. Although, we now can take an afternoon nap on Sunday. Unfortunately it goes something along the lines of whomever gets to sleep first gets the nap. The other one is stuck with the baby. So far, I keep losing. He can fall asleep so fast! And usually when I haven't even thought about a nap yet.

I am going to try and write more in this blog. I need to write more so that I can record Baby E's important moments. Like how he can roll over, but doesn't do it much. Just not interested. To many people ready and willing to cart him around. How he loves to play with his feet. Today he has been playing with his tongue. He chews on his thumb instead of sucking on it. And he chews on binkies also. So no binky babies here. Dang it . His goodnight song is Twinkle Twinkle little star. Every sunday (it seems) there is a family that spends all of sacrament getting him to smile (usually behind or to the side of us). Last Sunday that resulted in him yelling in his high voice (think Pistol pete fireworks). I felt bad for the people in front of us. He was doing it every now and then so I didn't take him out. But I did turn him from the family that was causing it (Not on purpose. He was just getting excited). The Cheerios helped quiet him a little.

Anyway, more tomorrow.(or next week. Who knows? :)