Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ode to my new to me toy

Oh Shark Pro Clean Pocket Mop how I love you!  Your quick easy way of cleaning up sticky floors after meals. The plentiful mop heads that release with a quick pull of velcro and hop happily into my washing machine!  How you have steam shooting from the mop head within seconds of plugging you in and turning you on.  I love the size and the manuverability and your perfect height.  The thing I loved most about you was how you were about $100 cheaper than the one that was on sale last month at Costco! (Thanks to my awesome sister).

Love it! My floors have never been cleaner. Just a little distilled water that we keep around anyway for other things and plug it in and its ready to go. When you're done you just take the mop head off and wash it.  My only complaint so far is that it didn't come out of the wash even near as white as when it was brand new. that was disappointing.  Not sure what I did wrong.  I just used tide and some kirkland brand softener as usual.  Oh well.  I also like how just seconds after cleaning an area of the floor I don't have to dry it or make the kids wait to walk on it until its dry. Its usually dry within seconds (30 seconds at most) because you're cleaning with steam!

Anyway, enough infomercial!

We're doing great here.  Cecilee is excelling in school and has a teacher who pushes her and the rest of the class in grades, learning responsibility, etc.  Lots of incentive programs and even throws a market day in where they can learn about commerce, supply and demand, etc.

Mia is thriving lately when she feels helpful.  Lately she has loved to do laundry. I think she enjoys being independent with it and she really likes helping out.  today she and Cecilee and Ned went and helped Grandpa move a bunch of tree limbs to a trailer. Poor Grandpa had been working hard all day with a chainsaw, handsaw, etc cutting down 2 huge granny smith apple trees. They had wormy fruit every year, but no one liked or used the apples and so they decied to replace with a honeycrisp and a fuji.  He is also planting a plum and a peach that was called the flamin' fat lady.  Which I can't wait to taste!

Ned is also learning to be helpful and helped me hang up laundry yesterday. He even insisted on putting the hangers on the rod.  He tried to put the clothes on the hangers but that was to tricky.

Every day when the girls walk to the bus stop I tell them I love them, to have a good day, and to do their best. Well the other day I must have been a little slow about it because as they were leaving, Ned yells "Have good day!".  It was really cute. 

He loves to go to Grandma's house and put on his boots by himself.  He loves treats and pushing his younger brothers around. 

Nolan likes attention and Quinten insists on attention. Its a hard thing to give them enough attention.  Quinten gives kisses on occasion and Nolan never has. Nolan is very observant and Quinten just jumps in.  It will be interesting to see how this develops as they grow older.

Well, off to get them ready for bed! Ned tells me that they all have stinky diapers.  I think he was just talking though since I have already changed 2 poopy diapers today.  You know, the other day we estimated that we go through around 3,200 diapers a year (plus or minus a few hundred or so :) )