Tuesday, January 5, 2016

No No, not a new family member. No thanks.

So I look out the window this morning and realize I've got a new rooster. One somewhere between a adolescent and full grown. Lots of colorful feathers, but no spurs. 
Interesting.  I head on out and confirm that it is indeed a rooster.  I compare him to the youngest chickens and confirm that he is to large to be one of that group.
Another thing to think about was the fact that over the summer I did have a hen acting rooster-ish.  mounting other hens and such.  http://www.livescience.com/13514-sex-change-chicken-gertie-hen-bertie-cockerel.html It can happen.
However, I was just out there about a week ago, topping off the feeders and water.  So unless she grew tail feathers, started walking taller, and got a crazy look in her eye in a week, this isn't that.

Another tell was the fact that he wanted nothing to do with  me. My chickens don't love me - we don't have that sort of relationship - but when I bring food, they come running. This guy kept far away.

So I contemplated what to do.  Do I keep him? Hope he leaves? Or 'gift' him to the neighbors.

I thought it over as I topped off the food and water.  We don't have a rooster because we have little boys.  So a rooster, and even more so one that is strange to us, has no place on our property until our boys get a bit taller and understand their dangers.

Also, I think this is the new rooster who has been crowing about midnight each night.

So he had to go.

Hey, did I tell you the neighbors have a new rooster?  :)