Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Baby E is officially bouncing to music. Its really cute.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Another day another dollar

Baby E is now pulling himself up on things.
He is up to eating 3 ice cubes at a time. An Ice cube is basically purreed peaches or apricots or pears etc that I froze in an ice cube tray and then put into a freezer bag.
He is such a cute little stinker who will be 1 soon!

I've been really impressed with A these days. She is much more willing to do her chores these days and loves opportunities to earn $ and treats. We have various jobs around the house that they can choose to earn treats or $$ for depending on what I have in the house. For instance, yesterday the girls helped me in the kitchen. A did such a good job clearing off the cupboards, throwing away garbage, and wiping down everything including the stove! that she earned 4 small halloween sized boxes of Nerds. It seems like a bit much now, but it helped me out so much and that was how much I felt like it helped me out. C swept the floor and did a good job also for 2 boxes of Nerds. Our kitchen floor is big, and has lots of nooks and crannies as well as under the table. Anyway, I guess you could say it was double treat day yesterday.

the girls have been such a help with Baby E. If I need a break after school they will take him into their bedroom while they play and clean. they have been finishing their chores and advancing in piano. All in all its been nice lately.
A has even earned her AR reading plaque. Basically when they read books they can take a test on it and its worth a certain amount of points. The test has 5 (or 10 or more for harder books) questions and they have to get a certain # right to get the points. The books she is reading right now are worth .5 points. She had to earn 15 points to earn a plaque. So 30 books. It is so fun to see her reading and loving it. She is doing so well.

As for me, I'm doing pretty well. Baby E off and on has a "only mommy will do" attitude that drives me bonkers. Yesterday it was bad, today not so bad at all. It goes in spurts.

I've got some eggs in the incubator that should hatch next weekend. We've got plants up in the greenhouse. I've got lots and lots of flowers planted. I'm hoping to have lots and lots of Zinnia's around the trees in the lane. I also have dahlias and painted daisy's started. I'm excited for all of the beautiful flowers to start growing. Love 'em! Now if only I can remember to water them!