Friday, May 17, 2013


So the last time I posted I was cranky and tired of sick kids and being sick.

the kids are still sick, but my attitude is better. 

Quinten is back to sleeping through the night. So is the rest of the crew with an exception every now and again.  My biggest challenge is getting me to bed before 11:30.  the boys like to get up at 6am, so its really important for me to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

Cecilee is working on a report about Amelia Earhart.  Its been fun to see her work so hard on it. She also has been getting a costume together for it so that has been fun also.

More later.  Time to get ready for a trip to the store!

Monday, May 13, 2013


Was just reading back on the blog and realized that my posts are seriously being affected by my lack of sleep. And I thought I was doing so well! 

First off, the boys are only 8 months old. so a few months ago when I posted their weights and said it was the 9 month check up? Well that was the 6 month check up.

I've also posted several stories and never posted about what happened.  I don't know that I ever will.  If you have a story or situation where you wondered what ever happened? Just let me know in the comments. I'll update you. 

Also, Linda who posted a comment on my last post. I don't know who you are, but I'd sure like to hear more about your thoughts on homeschooling. I'm sorry if we've already had this conversation, or if you are my Aunt Linda.  My memory and skills of deduction aren't what they used to be :) .

Sunday, May 12, 2013

A whole glorious week

(now edited. I now know I shouldn't post at 4am :) )

That's about how long Quinten slept through the night.  Then we took everyone to church last Sunday after missing a couple of weeks because our kids had colds and we didn't want to share.

By Monday afternoon Ned was running a high fever, and then it was Quinten's turn. After a day or so of that we got the cough.  Ned does the open mouth cough that must involve an irresistible tickle because he doesn't seem to cough anything up. But he sneezes lots of green phlegm.

The coughing began waking up our newly sleep trained Quinten who refused ( crying for so so long) to go back to sleep.  So yesterday I gave in and after trying several approaches and ended up nursing him back to sleep.  And then it happened again today. So sleep training.  Yeah that was for nothing.

Why am I surprised?  And who in my ward o needs to be educated as to when not to bring your kid to nursery? I would like to find them and tell them what I think of that.

We have been fighting colds since the first week in April.  With Ned coughing, he has pretty much ensured the rest of us have the cold too.  There have been days this past week I have felt so sprayed with saliva all I want is a shower.  How do you teach a toddler how to cough in his elbow?

Wow I'm tired and cranky.

In other news these boys are the most mobile babies at the earliest age we've ever had.  Quinten has basically taught himself the crawling position and gets into it and rocks and is so cute. It's only a matter of time before he is off and crawling.  Nolan rolls everywhere he wants to go.  They are both motivated by toys, Ned, and love it when all the family is home to watch.

Ned has discovered a pair of shoes he can put on himself and loves to go outside.  He is all boy and loves balls and cars.  And water.  He an his sisters have a water obsession.  Sprinklers and hoses are the fave right now.  Thank goodness the ditch doesn't seem to fascinate them.

The girls are in soccer now and doing great.  They are both feeling successful at it.  Cecilee wants to try out for select, which is a more elite group. But for over $ 400 for a season, I don't see that happening. We are debating if we should let her try out for the experience though.

Our elementary school is being closed this year due to budget shortfalls.  The school has been around for decades and its hard to watch it being closed due to majorly mismanaged money.  We're talking many millions of dollars.  And they announced another 1.2 million gone last week.  Not cool.

We attempted for the 5th year to get into the 2, now 3 charter schools within 1 mile of our home.  Another year of not getting in.  I'm not sure I understand the whole charter thing. I have to help fund them, but can't get in. Hmmmm.

So I'm considering all of my options.  Go to the elementary school we're being sent to, online charter school, Homeschool.  Yes I'm considering homeschool.

Homeschool is a lot different animal than it once was.  More online resources, etc.  anyway, the decision is a hard one.  I'll discuss more another time.  For now, Quinten is finally asleep again.  Goodnight.