Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lots happening

We have 2 cows, 22 chickens and no cats.  The poor cat got hit by a car.  I found her by the mailbox about an hour before the kids got off the bus.  I'm glad I found her and was able to take care of her because I wouldn't have wanted the girls to see that.  No blood or guts. Just the cat - whole - stiff as a board.

Milton is working hard on converting the garden from wooden grow boxes to cinderblock grow boxes.  They won't rot!  We're also doing a few other things that once they are done, I'll post pictures of.  He has quite a few other projects and is still working out daily.  He has lost some weight and has so much more energy.  He hasn't had a migraine since the fall when we went to the beach.

Speaking of the beach we are looking forward to another trip this summer!!!  YAY!

I'm staying busy with plants in the greenhouse.  That is where I find my sanity some days.  Its so quiet and rejuvinating to go in there and care for the plants.  I love it. 

The boys all love to go outside.  Love to put on shoes, coats, socks, anything that might indicate they will be going outside.

they do make huge messes which I spend a lot of the day cleaning up.  Yesterday I needed a shower. I put on Sesame street, slipped out without them noticing and 15 minutes later came out and found the TV channel changed (How?) and that they had found and broken a pint canning jar in the hallway.  I found this out when Ned brought me a big broken piece in the kitchen. So I paid for my 15 minutes with 15 minutes of cleaning and vacuuming and making sure there was no glass left.  Then since I had the vacuum out I vacuumed the family room and it looked nice. so I guess it wasn't that bad after all.

the boys all go to nursery together and seem to be doing well.  They walk right in and sit down at the table. they love it!!  Its my favorite part of the day since it comes right after the wresting session that Sacrament meeting has become.  We are trying different things though, so hopefully we will figure it out.  I think it has somethign to do with the fact that all 3 are competing for everything.  We will be splitting one out to sit with someone else and then it will be 1 adult to each child.  We will see.

Spring break was fun.  We stayed home and played.  Lots of outside time.Some Redbox movies.  Lots of together time. 

Soccer and softball season is upon us .  the girls have practice 2 nights a week and are doing well

Well, I hear Ned making trouble in the other room so thats it for now.