Saturday, May 1, 2010


so I learned something interesting today.

Hubby has been researching a bit for his cow project. Its time for us to buy some more cows to put in the pasture. He thought for a while about Waygu which are the type used for Cobi beef in Japan. That deal didn't come through so he decided that he would probably buy cattle at the Livestock auction.

Now if you know me at all, you know that I love a good auction. So of course I wanted to go. I went last week and found the smell pretty pungent. Now I'm not talking about some sissy barn smell. Nope. I'm talking at least 100 people in an room that is smaller than an elementary school cafeteria and in that small room is an open space as big as my family room. Lets call that open space the arena. the arena floor is covered in about 1/2 inch of sawdust. Well at least it started the day as sawdust.

The arena has several doors for animals to be let in and out. The cattle come in in the lots they are being sold. The larger animals are sold seperately. Their are mama cows and babies, their are babies alone, there were lots of sheep. Each time these animals come in the arena they do what they do. They poop, potty, and even have diarhea (also known as scours in the cattle world).

This ALL adds the wonderful aroma.

Well today I had a scratchy throat so I threw a few menthol cough drops in my pocket.

We were at the auction and the smell was really making my stomach turn. And then I remembered the cough drops. guess what! It totally covered the smell. Well, not totally, but mostly. It was wonderful.

So the next time you go to the livestock auction, take a few cough drops.