Monday, March 9, 2015

Wait, how long has it been?

I just saw on another blog linked to this one that its been 5 months since I posted. that can't be right, can it?

Well anyway, life moves very quickly these days.

Our biggest news is that we are thinking about adding on to the house.  Trying to figure out if we should go up or down and if we can afford any of it.

the cows are getting fatter, the chickens are getting adventurous.  They have been free ranging all winter and have been digging in my front flower beds.  Ugh.  so I put chicken fencing on the pasture fencing and so they can't get out of the pasture unless they go onto mom and dad's property.

this morning in almost ran over a chicken in the dark. she was wandering down our lane.  somehow she and another chicken never made it back home last night before they all got shut in.  they do like to get out at mom and dad's property but then have a problem figuring out how to get back in.  I may have to put chicken fencing all the way down mom and dad's fence line at this rate.  Don't want to lose any chickens.  We are seriously drowning in eggs but wouldn't want to lose any chickens!

The boys are all driving me crazy. Every time I get near the sink all 3 want a drink of water Every time.  Glasses are always in short supply because of this.  They are also very insistent. They can't be deterred.  We are thinking about rigging a drinking fountain or something.

Ned can count past 20.  He can also count down from 5 and usually follows it with "Blast off!" .  he started preschool 3 weeks ago and can't get enough.  i get him ready for the day and then he gets upset when he isn't going to preschool.  He will be thrilled that preschool is 2 days in a row this week because of spring break. 

the boys are talking more and more, but still not very clearly.  they repeat occasionally.  But mostly its still gibberish.  cute gibberish!

Nolan likes gamma and gampa .  Quinten likes them but is still in love with his mama and likes me close at all times.

they love that its getting warmer outside and enjoy riding bikes in the driveway.  It really is their favorite outside thing to do.  Occasionally I can get them over to the swing set or garden, or even chasing chickens, but riding bikes is better than anything.

Cecilee is in middle school and has become so independent.  she has a locker and everything.  She is also in young womans and enjoys Sunday school.  I can't believe she is 12 now.

Mia is doing well in school but struggles with acting out.  I'm trying to help her find ways to express herself.  I'm not sure what to do to help her.  My latest idea (since she doesn't love sports, but needs to stay active) is to try 4-h.  We haven't signed her up, but are trying to find out more.  So if you know anything, share!

Milton and I have been healthy after he experienced pneumonia a few months back followed by several allergic reactions to medications.  Its awful.  Now every time amoxicillan comes into my house I'm hyper aware of allergic reactions.  Ugh.

We've got plants up in the greenhouse and several projects in the planning stages.

Oh, the cats.

so a few months ago we adopted 2 cats from Weiser.  We have a mouse problem in the garage and one of them was supposedly a mouser. It was on kitty death row along with another cat and so for $20 we adopted both.

One cat ran away after 2 days and one of the girls leaving the garage door open.

The other cat was fine until we brought her outside.  Then she had a kitty heart attack and was clawing and scratching to get back inside!  She had never been outside before.  Great.

Anyway, after about a month of her living in the garage we put her in the shed and decided it was sink or swim.  We don't do animals in the house.

She is doing ok.  she is living in a covered area of our ditch and we feed her and she is still the same fat cat.  She loves to be pet.  Has no interest in mice.  Great.

So we adopted 2 more feral cats.  Great mousers and had been living outside.  They were kittens, and so they should be tameable.

They have been living in the laundry room for a few weeks and now they are living in the kitchen.  They are doing ok.  One hates us and one is coming to accept us.  It will let me pet it without running and is a pretty laid back cat.  We named it Oscar.  The other kitty is on the small side.  Originally it liked us more than Oscar, but now it just hates us.  It doesn't bite and only scratches when it is trying to get back into its home.  Not much anymore .  We will give it another week or so and see if it will come around.  We need it to accept us enough to stick around when it starts living outside.  No name yet, but we were thinking about ferdinand or maybe another O name.  Its hard because we don't know if its a girl or a boy yet.  And no name has stuck yet.  Its hard to name a terrified cat.