Friday, July 27, 2012

So much to do

So much to do today. Don't know where to start. Its easier to just sit here. 

I am having the usual clutter party in my kitchen. The island gets covered in mail and stuff.  The living room is covered in boxes. My bedroom has lost its freshly cleaned look.  The dishwasher is ready to be loaded again. Laundry is behind.  Need to go to 2 banks and drop some things by some ward members houses.  Need to find a sub for nursery on sunday and a few other primary phone calls.

What to do first?  Maybe I can split in 2 and leave 1 self behind to clean the kitchen and the other one can go do errands. :)

But lets count a few blessings. 

My blood pressure at the doctor yesterday was 100/64.  My tummy hasn't grown any more up and down, but since I feel so much more crowded lately, my doctor suspects I'm just getting wider. :)  I'm at 30 weeks now and heart beats are great along with everything else. Ultrasound again next week (once a month).

I have completed 2 blessing outfits, 3 baby blankets, and started one scripture cover. Were there any other craft projects? I don't remember.

Remember the guy at hubby's work who was going to give us a bunch of baby clothes? Well it was like Christmas yesterday.  Hubby brought 6 boxes of clothes home.  Which was great. And then I opened them and realized how packed they were.  And there were at least 15 outfits/items with tags on them still.  There were so many newborn clothes I started putting items with tags aside for the other 2 ladies in my ward having babies in August and September.  There were so many newborn clothes that i sorted them into 4 piles. Preemie, newborn, 1-3 months, and 3 months.  I've always been confused by the clothes tagged as 3 months. Does that mean they should fit at 3 months or that they should go with the 3-6 months.  I've personally always put them with the smaller clothes (1-3 mos) just in case.  I would hate to miss out on using them just because they were in a box.  And these clothes were all name brand. Old Navy, Carters, etc.  And so cute!! I think hubby got tired of my ooohing and aaaahhhing and "Look at this one!".  And there were shoes and socks!   After seeing what there was, I pulled everything I had and went through and got rid of anything ugly or worn.  I haven't even mentioned the hats. So many cute hats. From the normal ones you get with outfits to cute knitted hats to golfing type hats! I'd only ever seen those in pictures.

I slept well last night.  I've been having problems waking up to use the bathroom and then not being able to get back to sleep.  Last night, I slept well despite going to bed around 12:30.

The cows got out last night.  They pushed through a part of the fence where there was only electric fencing.  We will probably upgrade our charger to a higher voltage. Which freaks me out a little because of little hands touching it and what will it do to them?  And another thought just struck me, it will cost more to run. Won't it?

Air conditioning. Its the best. 

Kids that are old enough to help out with Baby E (soon to be toddler E).  Lifting and carrying him around has been getting tougher.

No back problems with this pregnancy. Body is holding strong! Still working out. However, my leg lifts (like reverse sit ups) and other ab strengthening exercises are getting tough due to my enlarging belly.  Also the struggle to breath is hampering me a little on the elliptical.

No soccer or softball or swimming to run to this month.

Phew. Lots and lots of blessings. Just looking at this list is making me feel the urge to get going! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

coastal adventure

I forgot to post about our day trip!

We had what looked like a rainy day happening so we decided to have a day trip! We headed North through Netarts, Oceanside, and landed at Cape Mears.  We also stopped at Cape Lookout state park for some pictures at the lookout.  It was fun and we even saw boats out in Netarts Bay fishing. We ended at the Cape Mears lighthouse.  It is a neat little area.  It has a small parking lot. You can stop in several overlooks and even hike .1 miles to an 'octopus tree' which is a tree with lots of branches going out every direction. 

We went to the first overlook and were awed by the sheer cliff we were at the edge of. There were informational signs about birds and nesting that they did all over the cliff.  We headed on towards the lighthouse to go the .2 miles .  I was a bit worried when I realized it was .2 at a steady decline.  But we went anyway.  I refused to go the last steep ramp however. I knew that I had to walk out of there and didn't want die trying :).  Besides where I stopped you could see the top part of the lighthouse.  the ramp was steep and I sent the kids down to check things out.  They said that there was a giftshop and some more views.  I could see the views from where I was, and was satisfied by seeing the top of the lighthouse. 

After admiring the views and taking some pictures, we headed up.  I started out strong and slowly petered out.  I stopped a few times for a brief rest, but eventually made it out.  We then headed over to the octopus tree .1 mile.  Imagine my unhappiness to see that this trail was steep.  Not crazy steep, just steeper than the other trail.  And only partly paved.  But I made it!!!  Got a little muddy, but I made it!  The tree was pretty cool.  I need to post some pictures!  There was a bench at the top, and after a quick rest, we headed down.

On our way back, we were hoping to find somewhere to eat lunch.  We ended up stopping at a restaurant where we had seen lots of cars on our way in. Typically if you see lots of cars that look local at a restaurant, it should be a good place to eat.  This place was near Netarts Bay and was called "Down by the Bay".  We all thought 'seafood'. As we approached the door we realized it was Mexican.  Well, we thought we were there, lets give it a go.  We sat down and were the only patrons (at 2pm).  It was interesting.  they had a good fish taco. The chicken fingers A ordered were good and done to perfection.  C ordered a bean and cheese burrito and seemed to enjoy it.  I ordered a fish taco that was good but the chili rellano was awful. It was fried (I didn't realize they were) and very very oily.  So I tried a few bites and ended up leaving most of it. It had a good flavor, but the oil! yuck!  The rice was really good.  Hubby ordered a burrito grande. And it was huge! He finished almost half of it and left the rest due to the lettuce inside. Lettuce just doesn't reheat well.  The salsa (what is that stuff called when its freshly diced ??) was really good, but they only gave us a little. 

We headed home after that and relaxed for a few hours. by then it looked just overcast so we headed for the beach!

the coast

So we are back from Vacation!  Sorry to be so vague last posting. yes I am one of those paranoid people who don't want to post on the internet when my home will be empty :)

We left last Friday and returned last night.  So we were able to stay from Friday to Friday.
We stayed here .  It was a fun little house. However, the pictures are from when the house was remodeled in 2009.  So, like all things near the beach it is looking rundown on the outside and needs to be sanded/repainted.  The inside still looks fresh though.   Its a fun little house.  The pictures on the website make it look really large. But when you get inside there are lots of little corners and nooks.  Makes it unique.I think I'm the only one who struggled with it though.  They made me feel as big as a house.

The bedroom is L shaped, with a bed in one part of the L. Its a queen sized bed that just fits in the L with about a foot of space on either side of the bed.  Under normal circumstances, this is a little squeeze, but no big deal.  For a very pregnant lady, this is a laughable situation.  Luckily for me, about the last 2 feet of the end of the bed stuck out into the main room.  so a little bounce scoot to the end of the bed and then I could stand up.  Poor hubby though.  When I have to run to the bathroom 2-3 times a night, I'm sure I disturbed his sleep a bit.

The bathroom is also full of corners. Again, I am probably the only one who noticed.  Yes, I felt as big as a house.  But then again, when I look in the mirror, I look almost full term.  And I am 29 weeks.  This is going to be fun.

Friday after we got there and got settled in, we headed down to the beach to check it out.  After a short hike to the end of the road (about 6 houses down) we went up a hill and realized we had to go down the other side to get to the beach.  No big deal. But I dreaded getting back up the sand hill on the way out.  Under normal circumstances, tiring, but not a big deal.  Pregnant, well, a different story.

We got down to the beach and were delighted to find really soft sand, and a fairly flat beach with waves that looked like they would be a lot of fun to wade in.  Looking left, you could see the beach at Pacific city. You could see Cape Kiwanda and their Haystack rock.  I never went that far down the beach, but It looked like it was further out and probably never was completely out of the water like the Haystack rock at Cannon Beach.  so probably no tide pools.

We were able to look for shells, although only found 1 unbroken one our whole time there.  Also, this beach had lots of stones and would probably be a great place to look for agates.  We tried. :)

After a few hours of playing, we went out to dinner in Pacific city at BJ's burgers and tacos. A bit spendy, but close and good. Afterwards, home and then bed after relaxing a bit more.

The next day, hubby woke up and let me know that he had a bad headache.  Well, we didn't bring any tylenol.  So we piled everyone into the car and headed out to Tillamook for Fred Meyer.  We had stopped there on the way to the beach house to buy the fresh groceries we needed for the week. We just didn't think about pain killer.  We also grabbed a mattress foam topper (the inexpensive kind. I missed my memory foam!)  due to my hips hurting a lot.  This wasn't new.  My hips hurt on my bed at home. Just part of pregnancy.  Anyway, hubby took the painkiller right away and we decided since we had trekked into Tillamook (20 min or so) we might as well hit the cheese factory.  So about 8:45 in the morning (Oregon time) we were touring the cheese factory, sampling cheese, buying cheese curds and a piece of jerky for the kids to share, and ending it all by buying overpriced ice cream cones.  All part of the experience!

After that, we decided to locate the church in Tillamook so that we would know where we were going the next day.  On the way there, we noticed signs for a farmers market.  The cell service was spotty, and the church website was not working for me.  But luckily we found the church, and they had the hours posted in the door.  After that, we headed over to the farmers market.  They had so much neat stuff.  Hubby bought some green beans, we looked at some cool agates, and bought some donuts we all shared.  The donut guy had maple bars for sale with a thick cut slice of cooked bacon on top.  Interesting.  We didn't buy those but it would have been interesting to try 1 bite.  But... I don't know.

Anyway, after this we were tired, and of course hubby was feeling better.  On our way out of town, we passed a taco stand that had received excellent reviews on Yelp.  So hubby had to stop.  We did, he got to sample the dish he wanted to.  The rest of us were full from cheese and ice cream. 

After that we finally made it home.  We decided to veg and relaxed until afternoon when we headed out to the beach again for a few hours. 

Most days were like that.  We would relax all morning enjoying the cable TV, markers, ping pong, and all the other activities the house offered. Then we would head out to the beach for the afternoon.

Baby E takes afternoon naps, so he and hubby would relax in a beach chair (it is lower to the ground and could be leaned back) and nap.  The girls and I would wade, they would dig and play, we looked for shells and rocks and generally had a great time.

We had typical coastal weather.  We had a few rainy days, a few overcast days, and 2 wonderfully sunny days.  I was the only person who got sunburned the first sunny day.  It was so sunny the kids wore their swimming suits and were in and out of the freezing water.  The second sunny day we all slathered on the sunscreen and no one else got burned. 

By the last 2 days Baby E finally warmed up to the water (somewhat) and we had to keep a closer eye on him because he would try and sit down in the water.  That and I was concerned he would try to wade by himself.   He loved to be where ever the girls were.  digging, and throwing sand.  They decided they liked to throw wet sand and even created a few 'sand balls'.  As a result he always had sand in his hair because of the way he threw sand. Over his head.

It was fun to relax in the sand. We saw many horse rides on the beach because we were only a beach access point away from where the horses came out. But they would head in the opposite direction because there were almost no people that direction.

That was another nice thing about this beach.  We were kind of near the end of the beach (1-2 miles) and in the other direction was Pacific city where it was crowded.  So for the most part it was very pleasant.  Super sunny days were always busy, but it never seemed crowded.  The overcast days we saw some people, but not many.  the one rainy day we came down to the beach we say just a handful of people and they left when it started raining.  We started to leave but then the rain let up, and then stopped.  Truthfully, we just didn't want to hike out of there just to come back :).  As a result, the rain stopped and we got about 1 1/2 hours at the beach before we all got cold and we left. It worked out perfectly because as we got back to the house, about 10 min later a thunderstorm started.  So it was perfect timing.

Hubby decided he wanted to try a few dinner dishes with fresh seafood.  he loves to cook so I let him.  He tried out clam chowder with fresh clams purchased in Pacific city.  He cooked them, and steamed them and shucked them and everything. Of course being very careful about checking them to make sure they were alive when he bought them so no one would get sick.  A few days later he made seafood alfredo.  He purchased shrimp and scallops.  He knew the rest of us wouldn't appreciate them though and only cooked those for himself.  Of course offering a taste to any who wanted.  the shrimp was great, but I passed on the scallops. 

The kids had their first experience flying kites and thoroughly enjoyed it.  They each had single string kits and tried flying them several times.  Only one time was there not enough wind. I tried flying a 2 stringer, but had a problem with gusty wind. It would blow, seem really windy, and then stop. So as a result I never was very successful with my 2 string kit.

Overall it was a very pleasant time at the beach. We hope to do it again in 2 years or so.  I don't know if I want to try and vacation with 2 18 month olds, but we will see. Maybe I could go alone :)

Our last day was fun.  We got up, had cold cereal and then packed up.  We wanted to leave by 9am Oregon time and were able to.  We swung over through Pacific City because I had wanted to stop by The Grateful Bread to try some of their baked goods.  We tried a couple of things. Don't buy the cinnamon rolls. It was awful.  I won't say anything about the taste because I burnt my tongue the night before. But as I got to the center of the roll I found large amounts of sugar that had just crystalized and caked in the middle. So much of it that I was removing it so I wouldn't have to eat it. Not scraping it. Literally just picking it off in large clumps.  It was gross. So none of that gooey stuff that we all like on cinnamon rolls. That and I am really spoiled by my sisters awesome cinnamon roll recipe. 

We rolled on out to Tillamook next and filled up on gas and I walked my 5 min. (5 min every 2 hours for us traveling pregnant ladies).  We got on the highway and went!  Baby E was a little cranky at times, but the stopping every 2 hours helped most of the time.  One of the stops was Baker City Oregon.  We were going to have dinner.  But despite it seeming like a fairly large town, there isn't a whole lot of food choices.  Again, Yelp helped us out.  We went over to Piazanos pizza.  It was a chance to get out of the car, and especially a time for Baby E to walk around and get some wiggles out.  It was yummy.  If I'm ever in Baker City again, I would stop there.

Finally about 8:30 our time, we arrived home.  We set Baby E in the driveway and let him run around while we emptied the car and the girls fed the chickens.  He was so happy to be home. 

We all had a great time.  It was great to go, but also great to come home again!

Thursday, July 12, 2012


We'll be heading out to the coast this month! I can't wait!  cool ocean breezes, soft sand, no cell service.  Sounds like heaven to me!

Not looking forward to the inevitable swelling that will happen in my ankles on the drive down, but I am willing to deal with that.

It will be interesting to see how Baby E likes it.  C hated it when we took her at 18 months.

I'm excited for the down time.  I just hope we make time to get over to Tillamook for some ice cream and cheese.  I hear if you go early you can buy cheese curds.  That sounds yummy.

I will have to remember to bring some of my secret weapon against heartburn since that seems to be my constant companion these days.

Hubby has a few seafood dishes he is going to try and prepare.  Don't worry, nothing to crazy. And yes, we have researched what I can and can't have.

I've started making lists today of what to bring and a menu and shopping lists, etc.

I'm 28 weeks today.  The babies are both doing well.  Went to the doctor yesterday and got the green light to go (with a caution again to avoid salty snacks and walk around every 2 hours).

On the project front - I've completed the twins blessing outfits as reported earlier.  I've also completed 1 baby blanket.  I am about halfway through the 2nd baby blanket.  Its larger than the first one and that worries me a little.  Hubby encouraged me to choose 2 different patterns and I did.  i just am not used to paying attention to the finished size.  Typically baby blankets are about the same size. Especially from my fave pattern book.  Oh well.

I'm going to have A choose a color for her scripture cover today and I'll bring that project on the road with me just in case I manage to finish this blanket.

I'm feeling quite prepared for the babies.  I know you can never really prepare for twins, but I have the rooms organized and ready. Although as always, they do manage to deteriorate.  Thats one of the things you deal with when you have a toddler.

If I do go on bed rest I can rest easy knowing my laundry is nearly caught up (a batch behind, maybe. are you ever really done?) my bathrooms have been recently cleaned, and the kitchen, well, the kitchen will never be ready for bedrest. Its impossible. Maybe for a day or two. But no longer. Not when you have kids who think they each  need their individual knife when they make a pb&j.

In the meantime, I am feeling pretty good.  The nurse told me my blood pressure was perfect yesterday.  104/68 or something like that.  But she also told me to put my feet up whenever I could.

The kids are now feeding the chickens for me every day for a cut of the proceeds (.25 each per dozen sold) but I am continuing to stay active by working out and attending softball games.  I do feel heavier and heavier though.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Just had to share

Just finished the blessing outfits for the twins.  Once they get here I can finish the wastebands of the pants (have to see how much the elastic will need to be tightened) and add all of the hooks and snaps (depending on which ones I decide to use).  But I have done all I can until they get here and we get close to a blessing date. 


In the meantime its pretty darn hot around here.  In the 100's all week.  I'll be staying in the air conditioned house. the girls have 2 games this week.  I'm going to have to see if I can come up with something to keep them cool.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Pics of Baby E

I usually don't like to post a lot of pics of my kids on my blog, but these pics of Baby E are so cute I have to!



He is getting so big!  These pictures were taken a month or two ago by my very talented sister AR who has a photo blog over at

She was over visiting and said "Hey let me take some pics of baby E!"

Anyway, just had to share cuz they turned out so cute.

In other news we just saw her and lots of other siblings at my niece's wedding. It was a beautiful ceremony and a beautiful reception. But I think the family consensus is no more summer weddings!

Yeah...we'll see how long that lasts.

Edited to add :  Baby E started blowing kisses today. Its SO cute!  I always blow kisses to him when I put him to bed, but to see him blow kisses to me and everyone else is adorable.