Sunday, September 28, 2014

Finding myself...again

And so it goes.  I've come to the conclusion that you can never just define yourself.  As I have more children and life and challenges come to me, I have to find myself again.  I don't mean religiously. I know I am a daughter of God.  I mean, find ways to express myself, time for myself - find ways to be Megan, all the while being Mom.

I've found that as my days get busier with everything, this task is bigger and bigger.  I find the time to work out, but I just don't have the time for expressing myself creatively anymore.  I love crocheting, don't mind sewing, tolerate knitting, and dabble in a bunch of other things. but the last time I sewed was last year, the last time I spun wool into yarn was 2+ years ago. I did crochet a bit last month, I haven't knitted for at least 6 months.  I did do some origami last month.... How did I find time for it? I remember my kids and house suffering for a few days.  Maybe that is the answer.  Not make time for it. TAKE time for it.  That and I've noticed that time spent on electrical devices is a lot of wasted time. Not all of it, but a lot. I need to be more organized with my time.

Hmmm things to think about. 

Monday, September 15, 2014

We had the primary program today

I've decided I need new deodorant because I was sweating before church even started. Ugh.   No where else is this a problem. Just primary (and associated stuff apparently). 

So I ran across an article the other day. On Facebook I think.  The first married Dugger girl (of 19 kids and counting) is pregnant.  She was announcing it before 12 weeks and people were saying that wasn't the norm and why announce it in your first trimester?   She basically said that even if she were to have a miscarriage, that even if the baby only lived for a few weeks, its life should be celebrated.

This statement hit me hard. The Baby's life should be celebrated.

There are a few things you need to know about me. I've had some issues with pregnancy. Specifically staying pregnant.

We had the girls without any problems.  Mia was a terror so we decided to wait a bit before having any more.  Then I had an ectopic pregnancy.  That was unexpected and hard.  After that, we decided we were ready for more children.  Imagine our surprise when it took over a year to get pregnant.  And then after all of that time, I suffered a miscarriage.   It was heartbreaking after such a long wait to lose a baby around 6 weeks.

We were so happy when we found out we were having Ned.  What a wonderful surprise.  It was one of those crazy things.  We suspected we were pregnant as we drove home from a family vacation. Once we arrived home we found the power to our freezer had gone out and we had lost a whole freezer full of meat which was now very thawed out and just putrid.  It wasn't a fun mess to clean up. But Milton told me the only thing that got him through was knowing we might be pregnant.

Ned was and still is our joy. Between torturing his brothers that is :) .  But he is most definitely a favorite child of the whole family. So sweet. So polite.  Such a boy at times. Teasing his brothers isn't the best, but we are trying  to teach him he is trying to learn and behave.

When Ned was only 9 months old, we decided it was time to try for a sibling for him.  He had taken a long time to get here, so we expected a long wait for a sibling.  Imagine our surprise when after just 1 month we found out we were expecting.  And then at our 19 week ultrasound we found out it was twins!  It was exciting and terrifying.

The twins have been a joy.  We love them very much. We have been trying to decide if our family is whole.  last summer (2013) we unexpectedly found out we were pregnant.  There would only be 17 weeks between the twins and this new little one.  We were excited but TERRIFIED.  I was still nursing the twins, and I joked about eating for 4.

We went our merry way, preparing for this baby.  Only to suffer another miscarriage around 8 or 9 weeks.

We were devastated.  This baby had been unplanned, but not unwanted.

Once again, we got caught up in life (as you do with twins) and were trying to decide if we were done.  I was uncertain.  Milton was tired.  So was I.

Fast forward to the spring of 2014.  We found out that we were unexpectedly expecting.  The boys were getting busier and busier and Milton and I didn't know how we were going to do it. After a little bit of time to get used to the idea, we were on board.  We had a doctors visit and then an ultrasound to verify the due date. Milton's birthday. I teased him that this was his gift. They pulled the due date in because the baby was measuring big. I don't remember the new due date. So much has happened since then.

Just a week after the ultra sound we had a very sudden miscarriage.  I was 17 weeks along and so had to go to the ER. Because of the way everything happened, I couldn't even travel the 30 minutes to my doctor or my hospital.

I was supposed to do sharing time that day and only myself and the secretary were there, everyone else was on vacation since it was the weekend of the 4th of July.  I had to text our home teacher to tell her since no one else was answering texts in sacrament meeting.  Poor lady had to run primary by herself and come up with sharing time in less than an hour.

The ER was a surreal experience where I reminded Milton to wish his sister happy birthday, the OBGYN on call talked about chickens and turkeys, and we saw our sons body.

I won't say we met him because he had passed away at least a few days earlier. His spirit was gone, his body was still.  It all happened so fast. I was getting ready for church, and then I was yelling for Milton - who was getting the boys changed for church - to come and help me.

We later found out (after pathology) that the placenta had grown to large and my body couldn't keep up with the blood supply needed for such a large placenta.  It must have been really big since I had done 2 placentas (the twins) just a few years earlier.  It also explained some pretty crazy heart palpitations I had experienced in the weeks earlier. They worried me so much I told Milton there was no way I would have any more babies - it was to scary.

This was an experience that I never want to have again and never would wish on another person.

I've had a rough few months as we have processed this.  It was nothing like losing a baby early in pregnancy.  We had ultrasound pictures of hands and legs, and seen ultrasound of a very active baby.  The body we saw in the ER was nothing like that.  My poor little one's body had passed and the fingers and toes were no longer moving and waving or even looking much like a baby should.  

Milton and I are doing well now, after some hard months. I think the hardest was when Milton had to go on a business trip 2 weeks after everything. I thought I was OK, but I cried the whole way home from dropping him off at the airport. 

Its been a rough few months and I've found purpose in my children. Its wonderful that we have children. Especially ones that will let me hug and cuddle them when I'm feeling down.

I've been through the whys? and was it my faults? You find yourself in this situation and you torture those questions.  I had a physical scheduled. I had to know if it was my fault. Was I healthy?  Thankfully I was able to get those answers. After finding out the placenta formed in a way that wouldn't support life, and that I was healthy, I found some peace.  When the doctor told me that the placenta was most likely at fault for my heart palpitations, I found some more peace. I am finding more and more peace everyday.

After it initially happened, we told only our girls and a few other people.  We hadn't told many people about the pregnancy, so it was easy to keep quiet.  I am finally at the point where I can talk about it. I don't like to talk about it. But I can.

I have been feeling the need to share what happened for a little while, but wasn't ready. After reading about the oldest Dugger girl, I can't deny my need to talk about it.

These little ones need to be celebrated.  Their lives were short.  They ended unexpectedly. They were wanted and desired.  They were loved.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

So its been a while

It has been a while since I posted. Mostly because I didn't feel like talking about some intense things that happened in my life this summer.

Anyhow, I need to blog because life keeps happening and I need to keep a record of it.

The twins turned 2 a few days ago.  Where did those 2 years go? Gone in a flash! 

Quinten is a thumb sucker. That one is totally my fault. See, somewhere in the twins first year I noticed that I was always giving attention to Quinten. He insisted on it.  Nolan was quiet and always fine and as a result didn't get as much attention. So one day I decided to switch it up. I held Nolan for much of the day and made Quinten get down and go sit with Daddy.  I did this for about a day. It didn't go over well with Quinten and as a result he started to self soothe with his thumb.

What I learned from all of this?  Nolan could care less. he is just a cool calm kid. Happy to do his own thing, occasional attention from Mom is fine.  Quinten is more needy.  He needs lots of assurance and loves and cuddles.  He wants to sit with me all the time.

Different personalities. Lots to learn as a mom of twins.  I guess I can feel the guilt every time we have an orthodontist appointment later in life.

Quinten is also one who has a smile on his face all the time.  Loves to climb and be active.

They both love to swing on the swingset.  They swing on their tummies.  Their are only 2 swings (and 2 additional baby swings) and they get fought over with Ned there also, but there is always something else to do outside, so fights don't last long.

All 3 boys love to play in the garden.  They love to dig in the dirt, splash in any puddles, and be like mom. That last one is ok for the most part until they decide they need  to help me harvest.   We lose a lot of peppers that way.

Ned was helping me pull out old corn stalks the other day to feed to the cows and we got matching paper type cuts (what do you call them when they are from corn leafs? Corn cuts?)  He loved how happy this made the cows. They love those stalks!

Speaking of the cows, a cow licked my hand the other day.  I think I may be getting to friendly with the black cow the girls call skunk face.  Its got a weird black and white design on its face.  Anyway, we have a peach tree in the pasture that hangs over the fence from the neighbors.  They don't ever harvest it and the fruit just drops.  I started out by throwing some to the cows and they would eat them.  But then the black cow started following me over there and I was basically just giving him some (the other cow didn't care).  And then I noticed he would get really close to me before nervously jumping away.  so the other day I held out a peach to him and he would have eaten it out of my hand. Except I jumped when that gross tongue touched my hand.  Yuck! 

Nolan is our singer.  He also is our talker.  Its all mumbled at this point for the most part but very definite.  If you want him to start singing, just belt out "Let it Go!" (from Frozen) and he will take it from there,.  Unfortunately he only knows that one line. But he is so cute.

Ned also likes to sing and will go around singing "The best 2 years! The best 2 years!" which is a movie we watch on Sundays.  Today he was singing that and I remembered that on Sunday he was singing Follow the Prophet after Nursery. So I started singing that and he joined right in.  To my surprise Nolan joined in. Very mumbly, but singing.  So then a round of Let it go was called for so that Nolan could sing some actual words.  It was all very cute. 

The boys (all 3) love going outside and I don't know what we are going to do when it gets cold.  The mere mention of outside has all 3 racing for the back door and Nolan saying "Side!!".   They also love getting their shoes on so they can go.  We may have to visit Grandma a lot this winter because taking all 3 of them anywhere by myself is nearly impossible.  Maybe we can talk Grandma into visiting story time at the library with us.

For the boys birthday we had Thai food for dinner and then the girls and Dad raced off to soccer practice.  After they came home we had a yellow cake (almond flavored) with lemon curd filling and cream cheese frosting. It was very good.  A little home made vanilla frosting and yum!  They got some new toys that light up and sing, and they were in heaven.  They got a few flashlights that make noise and some new toy cars.  Ned has already claimed many of the toys as his own and there have been lots of grabbing and pulling away.  Luckily 2 days later it seems to have calmed down.

Cecilee has started middle school. She loves it and enjoys her friends.  I think she enjoys the responsibility and is always talking about tests and which subjects she has and her locker and all that sort of stuff.  I enjoy the access to the library. She has been checking out books here and there for me. I'm in heaven.  We are not in a library district so don't have access unless we go with Grandma. And that is fine and fun, but it can be complicated to try and do anything with boys along.   I enjoy YA fantasy (E.D. Baker, Jessica Day George, etc) and they have lots of it there!

Mia is enjoying her new teacher. He has made her a team leader which is great because she has to lead a team and encourage them to do good and turn in work, etc. Which means she is more aware of the importance of doing that herself. YAY!  Its been a great motivation. She is doing well.

I get to bring both of them to the bus stop each morning and wait with them. to many crazies out there to do anything else.  It has us up early since the middle school bus arrives an hour+ before the elementary school bus, but its a good time to have one on one time with my girls.

Milton and I doing well.  We have been trying to keep up with these girls and boys.  Soccer practice, the primary program, birthdays, school.  Some day I've got to figure out how to keep up. Right now I'm taking it one day at a time.

Sunday, June 29, 2014


The funny thing is that I tried to type 'wow' as the title of the post. i had my hands in the wrong position and it came out as SOS. So I stuck with it. Because we have a busy month. Although, I don't know if we are at SOS.

The girls have 2 weeks of swimming lessons starting tomorrow.

The girls have 2 more weeks of softball.

Milton gets to go to Singapore for work in a few weeks for about a week.

We get to leave for the Beach on the very last day of the month.

I teach sharing time just one more time over the 4th of July weekend.  Then I'm free again until September.

Does anyone else have the trouble of keeping the chairs around the table and not pushed to the cupboard to get into things (by 2 toddlers)?  With one child we managed to keep up with it. With 2, its awful.  One will push the chair over and then they both climb up and wreak havoc. 

You could say, just keep the cupboards cleaned off. 

Yesterday they took one of the burners out of the stove.

They are very curious.

I don't know how i'm going to get through this phase but i hope its over quickly.

The twins love to help put laundry away.  All the boys do.  So that's helpful.

They still love to be outside.  We've had rainy days this week and we managed to survive. So that's good.

church is still a wrestling match.  No handing them back and forth to another parent when one gets wiggly or whiny.  To many kids and not enough adult laps. But they can only get older and we are working on helping them learn about church behavior.

They love nursery. The food won them over and then the music and then the toys. all the while having Ned in their with them helps also.

Ned's potty training is going ok.  Most days are good. With the occasional accident mixed in. Just a few a week.  So we are getting there.  He had one yesterday that wasn't his fault. He locked himself in the car while we were stacking wood.  He hasn't figured out how to open a car door yet.

Ned starts swimming lessons tomorrow with the girls.  He doesn't like to get his ears wet in the tub, so we took them all to the pool on Friday.  He was hesitant at first, but by the time we left he was going in and out of pools and sitting on the steps. he loved moving around in the 1ft pool and splashing.  I think as long as his class isn't filled with cryers and screamers he should do just fine.

The girls earned the pool trip by doing their chores really well for an entire month.

The girls are maturing very well lately.  When they do their chores everyday they are learning that they are easier to do.  all in all the whole house is running better since they are helping out more.

We all are in charge of getting a child ready for the day.  Its nice to have help dressing and changing all the boys each morning.

the girls have also been earning trips to the library by practicing their piano .  they love those because they usually involve an ice cream cone.

We've been busy getting ready for winter by stacking cords and cords of wood, tons and tons of alfalfa and I use the term We loosely. Its mostly Milton and the girls with a little help from Ned thrown in here and there.

Milton is excited for Singapore and I'm excited for him.  He has lost over 80 pounds now and is looking really good.  I was just looking at pictures from Cecilee's baptism today and he has changed so much!  He works out every morning at the work gym and is enjoying life more because he feels better.

I'm just busy. With all the help from the girls I've had to figure out how to structure my day. but for once, the laundry is regularly caught up! And dishes are done every single night, and we are having more fun!  The house is looking nice and I've rediscovered the joy I had when I play around on the piano.  Next up is rediscovering the joy of doing crafty things!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh my goodness

 When did life get so crazy?

We have been so busy with school finishing up and everything else going on.

Cecilee is off this week enjoying a few days with some fellow 5th graders at outdoor camp.  They are enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities.  She really wanted to go and we told her she could go if she earned half the money. And she did.  We knew a lot of the chaperones and 2 of her cabin chaperones were from our ward.  Her good friends were in her cabin with her also.  When i dropped her off I don't even think she knew I was leaving. She was so into what was happening around her.  I'm really excited she got to go and pray that its a good experience for her.  She needed a little break from her family. don't we all every now and again?

Mia is happy to be done with school  she is missing her sister a lot but enjoying being the oldest at home.  She keeps adding things to her birthday list (that is still months and months away) and wanting to have swimming lessons and do all sorts of fun things this summer.

Ned is potty training. Most days are good days, but don't ask about poop yet.  that is still a work in progress.  Yesterday we were busy doing some chicken coop upgrades and he decided to take off his jeans and underwear and stuff them in the irrigation headgate area (which wasn't flowing right then thank goodness. That would have been one mighty clog) and then he proceeded to hide on the back porch and release some large , well, maybe I shouldn't tell you that story. this is a family blog after all.  In the irrigation area whilst fishing out his clothing (which he was honest enough to tell us about) I also found an uprooted tomato plant and 2 butternut squash plants.  the water was cool, so I think the plants will be fine.  but i would never have found those plants in there without having to fish for the clothes. so I guess that was a small blessing.

The boys are still the terrible twosome.  They are cute and smiley but boy they are into everything. Every time I turn around Quinton has the dishwasher open and is standing on the door.  I don't understand the fascination.  Nolan has recently learned to climb (a few months after his brother, he has a different build) and is constantly dragging my kitchen chairs everywhere.  So THAT has been a whole lot of fun.

They all enjoy going out side and can be pulled out of any cranky mood at the mere mention of going outside.  They love the dirt and water that can be found in the garden.  So they are constantly there despite Milton always telling them to stay away.

They also enjoy swinging on the swing on their tummy because they can do it without help. and Quinten likes to climb up the ladder and go down the slide by himself.  

Milton has been completing various big projects outside (chicken coop, irrigation pipe, garden redesign) with some help from me. I have my own projects, but am kept busy for the most part chasing children down and feeding them along with cleaning and laundry.

I'm excited for my Canterbury bells which are going to bloom in the next day or so (they are opening Laura!!!) and the first couple are going to be purple. but I see pink and white also.

I still have to figure out what to do with lots and lots of larkspur as well as a whole ton of volunteer tomato plants from our garden.  ugh.

Milton and I recently went a way for a quick weekend trip a couple of weeks ago.  We had a couple of quiet days in Cascade and boy did we need it.  Life has been so overwhelming lately and I knew I needed a breather before summer started.  Its my month to teach sharing time, so that's an added stress that I enjoy for the most part.  I like the weeks that i feel the kids respond and I feel like a failure the weeks that the kids just stare at me.  But I'm getting better at it and have had more good lessons than bad.

I'm so proud of Milton.  He continues to actively seek a healthy lifestyle. he gets up at an insane hour and works out every morning before work. I contribute homemade yogurt (check my other blog for the recipe!) and homemade bread, as well as love and support.  He is looking so good these days and has so much energy. I love it!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Potty training!

Its finally that time. We are potty training Ned. Wow.  We started Monday and have been going ever since.  We've had bright shiny days where he took himself 4 times, days of ups (he pooped in the potty chair) and downs (he pooped his pants while we were outside).  We are having more ups than downs lately, so thats good.  He loves the control it gives him. He gets to be a big boy and be in charge of things a little more.

The other day we were in the garden and he was very helpfully pulling weeds.  I said Wow Ned, when did you get to be such a big boy?  and he said I go Potty! .  That was really cute.

The twins are now the destructive duo, the terrible twosome, and any other name you can come up with.  They are a team of destruction from sunup to sundown.  I clean up and have the house sparkling and 12 hours later (the next morning) it looks like I never clean my house. We are working on no and giving them more limits since climbing and figuring out how to open things (like the dishwasher) have opened up so many opportunities for exploring these days.

They love to go outside and will cry if you try and go outside without them.

In general they are happy boys, but Nolan gets upset if someone takes a toy away from him and will cry and cry.  Quinten is saying "shoe!" and Nolan will say "Hi!"  and waves hi and bye.

They both love Grandma who has been coming over to help with them while potty training has been going on.

The girls are excited to be done with school next week.  Its earlier than ever this year due to budget cuts. Luckily the budget is restored next year so we will be back to a normal school year.

Interesting thing I learned this year.  Grades are due Friday (today), so the whole last week of school is basically pointless. Cecilee had a few hours at the local Rec center with her class today, and then she said that they made it almost all the way through "The Rookie".  Hmmm.

Mia has been doing well in school and piano.  I wish she would practice more because she has such talent!

They are both taking lessons from Grandma and will be having a recital June 1st!

If you are wondering where all the farm and garden stuff has gone, I've started a separate blog for it.

Its a blog where I will talk about all the crazy stuff I do like garden, make yogurt, cultured butter, homemade bread and cheese, etc. I'm going to learn how to make cottage cheese! Cows! Chickens! garden redesign! and things like that.  This will be the purely family blog.

My other blog, where I post free LDS books for Kindle is also going strong.  There have been a lot of good free books in the past few months and I'm enjoying helping everyone get them for free!

Anyway, enough for now. I've got to figure out what to do with 40-50 extra tomato plants...Read more at my other blog.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Charter schools. What a joke

We all have to pay for them, but have you tried to get in? Its nearly impossible unless you are one of the lucky few.

The only way you even have a chance to get in is if you are willing to do a mid year transfer when another student moves or transfers out.  They have a different schedule so they start earlier than public school. 

I am so over charter schools.

I still can't believe I have to pay for them yet I can't seem to get into them under normal circumstances. You know, on the first day of school.


Yes, just got the lottery results.  No chance in that hot place.  Again.

Here have some more of my tax dollars! 

I just walked away from this post and I'm back and still ticked off! I have 3 charter schools within 1 mile of my home.  I can't get into any of them and have to have my kids bussed to the public school which is several miles away and across a highway (not an interstate, don't want to be unfair).

And I have to pay for them anyway!

It just makes me so mad.

Charter school boundaries are not the same as normal school boundaries.  One of our charter school boundaries is one subdivision. ONE.  And guess how many houses are in that sub?  I think they may have 3 now.  It was hit hard by the housing bubble bursting.  So even though I am within 1 mile of that school, I'm considered out of bounds.  Just like the child 2 towns over in either direction.

Seriously. I. AM. SO.TICKED.OFF.


Worst is that I can't even say anything about this because I would make half my ward mad since they are on the boards of or part of the founding group of parents, or have kids in 1 of the 3 charter schools.

I really would like to send a letter of complaint about this but can't even figure out who to send it to.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Lots happening

We have 2 cows, 22 chickens and no cats.  The poor cat got hit by a car.  I found her by the mailbox about an hour before the kids got off the bus.  I'm glad I found her and was able to take care of her because I wouldn't have wanted the girls to see that.  No blood or guts. Just the cat - whole - stiff as a board.

Milton is working hard on converting the garden from wooden grow boxes to cinderblock grow boxes.  They won't rot!  We're also doing a few other things that once they are done, I'll post pictures of.  He has quite a few other projects and is still working out daily.  He has lost some weight and has so much more energy.  He hasn't had a migraine since the fall when we went to the beach.

Speaking of the beach we are looking forward to another trip this summer!!!  YAY!

I'm staying busy with plants in the greenhouse.  That is where I find my sanity some days.  Its so quiet and rejuvinating to go in there and care for the plants.  I love it. 

The boys all love to go outside.  Love to put on shoes, coats, socks, anything that might indicate they will be going outside.

they do make huge messes which I spend a lot of the day cleaning up.  Yesterday I needed a shower. I put on Sesame street, slipped out without them noticing and 15 minutes later came out and found the TV channel changed (How?) and that they had found and broken a pint canning jar in the hallway.  I found this out when Ned brought me a big broken piece in the kitchen. So I paid for my 15 minutes with 15 minutes of cleaning and vacuuming and making sure there was no glass left.  Then since I had the vacuum out I vacuumed the family room and it looked nice. so I guess it wasn't that bad after all.

the boys all go to nursery together and seem to be doing well.  They walk right in and sit down at the table. they love it!!  Its my favorite part of the day since it comes right after the wresting session that Sacrament meeting has become.  We are trying different things though, so hopefully we will figure it out.  I think it has somethign to do with the fact that all 3 are competing for everything.  We will be splitting one out to sit with someone else and then it will be 1 adult to each child.  We will see.

Spring break was fun.  We stayed home and played.  Lots of outside time.Some Redbox movies.  Lots of together time. 

Soccer and softball season is upon us .  the girls have practice 2 nights a week and are doing well

Well, I hear Ned making trouble in the other room so thats it for now.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

ode to my new to me toy

Oh Shark Pro Clean Pocket Mop how I love you!  Your quick easy way of cleaning up sticky floors after meals. The plentiful mop heads that release with a quick pull of velcro and hop happily into my washing machine!  How you have steam shooting from the mop head within seconds of plugging you in and turning you on.  I love the size and the manuverability and your perfect height.  The thing I loved most about you was how you were about $100 cheaper than the one that was on sale last month at Costco! (Thanks to my awesome sister).

Love it! My floors have never been cleaner. Just a little distilled water that we keep around anyway for other things and plug it in and its ready to go. When you're done you just take the mop head off and wash it.  My only complaint so far is that it didn't come out of the wash even near as white as when it was brand new. that was disappointing.  Not sure what I did wrong.  I just used tide and some kirkland brand softener as usual.  Oh well.  I also like how just seconds after cleaning an area of the floor I don't have to dry it or make the kids wait to walk on it until its dry. Its usually dry within seconds (30 seconds at most) because you're cleaning with steam!

Anyway, enough infomercial!

We're doing great here.  Cecilee is excelling in school and has a teacher who pushes her and the rest of the class in grades, learning responsibility, etc.  Lots of incentive programs and even throws a market day in where they can learn about commerce, supply and demand, etc.

Mia is thriving lately when she feels helpful.  Lately she has loved to do laundry. I think she enjoys being independent with it and she really likes helping out.  today she and Cecilee and Ned went and helped Grandpa move a bunch of tree limbs to a trailer. Poor Grandpa had been working hard all day with a chainsaw, handsaw, etc cutting down 2 huge granny smith apple trees. They had wormy fruit every year, but no one liked or used the apples and so they decied to replace with a honeycrisp and a fuji.  He is also planting a plum and a peach that was called the flamin' fat lady.  Which I can't wait to taste!

Ned is also learning to be helpful and helped me hang up laundry yesterday. He even insisted on putting the hangers on the rod.  He tried to put the clothes on the hangers but that was to tricky.

Every day when the girls walk to the bus stop I tell them I love them, to have a good day, and to do their best. Well the other day I must have been a little slow about it because as they were leaving, Ned yells "Have good day!".  It was really cute. 

He loves to go to Grandma's house and put on his boots by himself.  He loves treats and pushing his younger brothers around. 

Nolan likes attention and Quinten insists on attention. Its a hard thing to give them enough attention.  Quinten gives kisses on occasion and Nolan never has. Nolan is very observant and Quinten just jumps in.  It will be interesting to see how this develops as they grow older.

Well, off to get them ready for bed! Ned tells me that they all have stinky diapers.  I think he was just talking though since I have already changed 2 poopy diapers today.  You know, the other day we estimated that we go through around 3,200 diapers a year (plus or minus a few hundred or so :) ) 

Monday, January 27, 2014

And so it gooooooooees and so it gooooooooooes!

The boys are napping. Ned is trying to Nap.  And by trying I mean he is laying down in bed and being quiet.  He is such a good little boy.  He is following the nap rules. Lay down, be quiet try and go to sleep.  After a while if he hasn't napped, (about an hour or so) I will let him get up.  As long as he has tried.

We had a weird week last week because Milton was traveling. He was out of town for a couple of nights. Everything went well despite my paranoia that he was going to get a migraine in California.  But he didn't. And everything was just peachy.  Except that we missed him. :)

The boys are being cute as ever. Quinten has decide that he must climb anything and everything.  he climbs the chairs in primary and priesthood.  He pushed a toy dump truck over to the couch today and used it to climb onto the couch. I thought that was pretty smart of him.  We have had to move all the chairs to the wall in the kitchen and bungee cord them together so that I don't have to worry abuot him on the table.  so far its only after meals that he gets up there.  I don't understand the excitement. Maybe its just different toys up there? Today I found him playing with a plastic spoon and Ned's bowl of leftover yogurt.

Speaking of yogurt, did you know how easy it is to make?  So easy. Instructions here

Monday, January 13, 2014


Last Friday I had an interesting thing happen. 

I  had a bad morning. Ned did stuff, Quinten whined, Nolan was a sweet boy.  And then Milton came home.  I told him about it and whined about it for a second. But then I had a thought come to me.  I looked at Milton and said, I know I am all whiney about my morning. But I just have to tell you how happy I am.  I love my kids. I love you.  I love our life right now. We have our challenges. But thats just life.

Its true. Life is hard. But I get to go through the challenges with the ones I love most.
Its nap time right now.  Ned is sleeping for once and to change it up, one of the boys isn't.  I can hear him on the monitor.  I'm going to give him a few more minutes and then, well, I don't know. I'll figure it out when it gets to that. Who ever it is has quieted down now, so maybe, just maybe....

Milton finished his meds a few days ago and over the next month we'll see if he has any more migraines.  The doc says the meds will be in his system for around a month after he quits taking them.  so it could be a quiet month.  We'll see.   He has made quite a few changes in the past few months. He has dropped 50+ lbs, and we have changed some habits. We don't eat out very often anymore.  When we do we go to a local Thai place and get dishes with lots of veggies.  Here is our favorite meal:

Strawberry Goat cheese wraps.

Sliced strawberries
Salad (the good stuff, not iceburg.  we like the spring mix at Costco)
sliced almonds
crumbled goat cheese
balsamic vinaigrette
chicken (cut into bite sized pieces)

Marinate your chicken for about 30 min in some of the vinaigrette
Get a small pan, put your almonds in there. Let them get a little toasted and then add some sugar and a small pinch of salt.  Let the sugar melt and coat the almonds.  Make sure they are all coated.  Remove from heat.
Get your salad and drizzle the vinaigrette on it. toss and make sure that the salad is somewhat coated.
Cook your chicken until its done.

Get one tortilla, microwave for about 15 seconds.  this makes it more bendable.
Put a layer of salad on it.
 Add a layer of strawberries, almonds, goat cheese, and chicken.  did I forget anything? If so, add that too.

Put the ingredients on in whatever order you like.

Now roll it.  With practice you'll get better.  Just watch the last 20 seconds of this video for how to - (seriously, I only watched the last 20 seconds or so, so watch the first part at your own risk :) )

Anyway, our family is doing well.  Yes we have our challenges. But we are working together and trying to stay sane. 

Cecilee is working hard at school and loves it. She is such a good student.

Mia is still a worry for me since she is at school more for the social than the learning.  She is getting to be a very good helper and being more responsible, so that makes us happy.

Ned is a quick learner. He is also a pleaser though. so while he gets into things, he is starting to learn some of the rules.  some days aren't great (he got into the lotion today and spread it all over his brother, the couch, the carpet, the Kinect, etc.  And dumped out the dirty laundry several times) but he is so sweet and innocent. he is just exploring.  He also just wants to help and have a job of his own.  I love when he helps. He is also very helpful when his brothers are getting into stuff. He comes and tells us. 

The boys are great. They explore and love following Ned around. 

I'm doing great. Finally getting to where I feel a LITTLE less out of control and like life is resuming a normal feeling.  I have a list of stuff to do that is as long as my arm, and an even longer list of stuff I would LIKE to do. 

A nice thing that happened this month is that we remodeled a little in our front room.  There were some doors, we moved them around. We bought some great used furniture, etc. Now we have a room that is being better used and looks like a million bucks!

One project (almost) down! Just have to paint, and repair a cheap couch.  but we'll get there.