Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Every year

I make a book using stories from this blog. This year is going to be crazy if I don't actually post something!

The boys are keeping us running as always. Quinten is very busy all the time. Always on the go, never likes to sit still.  He has a really cute grin that he pulls out all the time. Especially when he is getting into trouble. he loves to giggle and laugh.  He is our most active boy.  He doesn't like to stand in line, but who does.   He enjoys nursery and loves the 'boons.  (baloons for those who don't speak Quinten). he loves his mom and likes to be at my side if I am in the room.  At church he likes to sit in my lap.  But that makes sense since when they were born we each kind of assigned ourselves a twin to watch during church and Quinten was always my assigned twin due to his being the more needy boy. He talkes more clearly than Nolan and it seems like he is learning a new word every day.  He loves being independent.

Nolan is a more quiet calm little boy. He likes to sit and contemplate. He likes to have fun just like any other little boy, but he is more independent.  He is a water baby. We went to the pool the other day and he was fearless. Which scared the heck out of me. But he would just wade into water up to his chin and only turn around when I turned him around.  Needless to say I am looking for a swim class for him asap.  He also talks a lot, but you really have to listen to him. He mumbles. But he talks.  Milton had him saying words for him the other day. His vocabulary is as big as his brothers, but if he doesn't need to say anything, he won't.

The girls are in swim team this year and loving it a lot. 

But more on that and Ned later. I've got to go and get some stuff done!