Monday, December 14, 2015

I wish this was.......

I wish this was the final post on the home addition, but there is still the rest of the retaining wall and final grade to do outside.  The weather and subcontractor haven't been able to sync up to complete that part of the project.  That is outside and since it's winter we don't spend too much time out there.

Inside there are only a couple of paint touch ups and an one additional electrical socket to finish.  So close to be officially done inside.

Now to the Photos.

The railing for the stairs.

We like the rot iron look and went with that.

It was so nice to be able to get the table back in the house from the garage.  We could physically eat in the house!!!!

The double ovens are amazing.  The kitchen is much more functional then it was before.

Love the Fridge too.

The Mudroom cabinets turned out beautifully.  Megan's vision and our Carpenter Ron did an amazing job.

Just picture doors on the top and side cabinets.  For some reason I don't have a picture of that.

The drinking fountain is nice to have.  Especially when the boys want a drink, I tell them to go to the drinking fountain.

Here is some of the exterior work that was done.  The beginning of the retaining wall so they could do the back patio and stairs to the basement.

It was nice to get that porch done so we could start stacking wood and use the fireplace during the winter.

Here is our cabinet at the bottom of the stairs that we'll use as a game closet.

And some finishing touches.  Like a mirror and a big clock, the family picture.

Eating Tamales.

A new rug.  Don't remember the name, but Megan likes it, so I'm happy.

We also bought some bar stools that we liked. Couldn't be happier with the results.  Love the herringbone pattern in the back splash.

Doesn't that fire feel cozy?

Overall, we love the addition.  It took our whole summer and endurance to get to where we are now, but we are enjoying our new setup.

Monday, October 5, 2015

House Update #3

It's getting closer to the end of the project on the inside of the house and we are grateful for that, so why not another update.  

Don't the floors look awesome!!  Yeah, not really, but this is stuff they put on the floors that fill in all the knots and such.
Here are the quartz countertops.  As you can see they were already being put to use by Megan cutting some fabric for a quilt.
Ugly floors and the spot that the dishwasher will go.

 Just waiting for the cooktop and range hood and backsplash to be done in this section.  And the cabinet door to be put back on.  The backsplash is acually being done today.

 This is what it looked like while they were sanding.

This is after two coats of sealant were applied.  It's a semi-gloss finish.

More the same, but I love the variation in grain pattern.

Full view from the living room.

The linoleum was also done in the mudroom.  Also, this also shows the cubbies completed.  Before the crown molding hadn't been added and there wasn't any paint.

Last view.  Next update everything will be done.  Well, everything inside is supposed to be done this week, so yeehah if that happens.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Home Addition update

I finished off last time with the wall coming down and the framing being done.  There were three different inspections that had to pass before the drywall went up and that took a few days to happen, but once it did the drywall went up, a week of tape, mudding, and texture and then we were onto paint, etc.  It's been coming together nicely.

 Trying to figure out paint colors.  Drywall has been added.

 We went with a slate blue in the kitchen and Den with a mild gray in the rest of the house.

 Here is the gray.
 French doors to let in light to the kitchen, when the painting is done.

 The rustic hickory hard wood floors.
 The entry.
 I love the floors.  Beautiful variation in the color and pattern of the grains.
 The install team are native Ukrainian.  They did a wonderful job and were very polite.

 The floors in the den.
 The entry.
 The mudroom.  Megan's vision.  5 cubbies in the middle and a closet on each side.  Storing jackets on the left and brooms and cleaning supplies on the right.
 Lounging during the weekend.
 And this is where we are at now.  Cabinet install in progress.
 Built-ins for the den.  This was what I wanted.  Computers will be in the middle and bookshelves to make it look like I read, when we all know Megan and the girls make time to read.