Saturday, February 18, 2012

He has teeth!

so we have been having all sorts of fun and exciting things happening in our house lately. And some not so great things.

The cold I mentioned last time was quickly followed (not even a day break) by a worse cold. This one was awful because you could hear a crackling in his lungs as he breathed. And he would cough. In our faces. You can't always avoid that. So he finished with the cold about a week ago. The rest of us who caught it from him are still hacking our way through it. It was a really long cold also.

Anyway, his exciting news is that yesterday, after a little while of unusual fussiness, we found that he is growing at least one tooth! Or teefers as we call them around here. I think I can feel a second one coming next to the first, but I don't like to stick my germy fingers in his mouth to often and he won't let me see it all that well. He's to busy feeling them himself with his tongue.

Another fun and exciting thing at our house is that A is reading! She was still just memorizing sight words until just after Christmas. And everything changed. Words were easier for her to sound out. She is reading short books well. And she loves it.

Also, A has been advancing slowly but surely in piano. This week she has been assigned a song that really sounds like a song. Its called square dance or something like that. you can tell she is really excited about playing it and she remembers when C was playing it.

We have also just scheduled a vacation for this summer. Hubby suggested the beach (I guess he and the girls decided), so we found the right beach and then found a great house and we are really excited to be going to Tierra Del Mar in July for a week.

Our little explorer continues to amaze me. The other day I snuck off to the bathroom and after about 20 seconds I heard "Ama!" from the other room. I said "here I am!" and anyway after he got closer and closer and then found me. It was a fun game and amazed me. He's been a little baby for so long and its amazing to me how much learning to crawl has matured him.