Friday, October 26, 2012

sleep deprived

So last night I got up with the babies around 1 , got them back to bed and then tried to get back to sleep. It was going fine until hubby started moving his arms around. I didn't know what he was doing but I put my hand on his arm, he jumped a little, and then stopped. the next day he told me I touched the wrong hand. His other hand was moving. Apparently his other hand was patting the pillow he was hugging, trying to put it to sleep.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Its a rollercoaster!

So after the my last post we went back to normal. If your definition of normal is up several times a night with twins (and that is normal to me :)

I think (cross fingers) our issue with E has been that he never knows where he is at night. He was having issues with staying in his toddler bed (kept coming out) and poor C was having to tuck him in many times and occasionally in the middle of the night. This wasn't fair to a 10 year old, so hubby and I were trying different things. One thing was putting him to bed in the crib and then transferring him to his toddler bed. Anyway, we gave up on that after the night where he kept waking up wailing. The new plan has been to put him in his toddler bed with a stern reminder that he needed to stay in the bed. Shutting the door with a stern reminder to his sisters that it was time for bed and not time for reading in bed (using the light from the hallway). this has worked for 2 nights so far. I hope it continues to work.

Its been a good reminder to me that toddlers require flexibility and trying different things.

In the meanwhile we have been very blessed. My Mother in law has gone home and then come back and is now out of town (across the US). We are hoping that she will come back to visit a couple times a month. She enjoyed herself enough that it seems possible at least for a few visits.

Our ward has really pulled together for us. One of my visiting teachers came to help Monday morning and was able to watch E while I took the twins to the pediatrician for a check on their circumcisions. It is always busy to take twins to the doc, so much nicer that I didn't have to try and take E and juggle him as well.

 My V.T. also brought me a list of women from the ward who would come over 3 times a week for an hour or so to help with whatever I need help with. As a result my stress level has gone down and I feel much less crazy.

Its amazing what a list of names on the fridge can do for you. When I feel overwhelmed I just have to look on the list and say "so and so is coming over tomorrow am. I can make it until then." I haven't had to do that yet. Just knowing that help is there is enough.

I also had a kind offer from a retired neighbor (a street over) who said she was home most days and would come over. Just call. I have a wonderful ward.

To add to the great news (drumroll please!) the babies decided last night to sleep from about 10:30 to a little after 4am. We woke up several times wondering what was going on. But after gazing at the clock in wonder, went back to sleep. When they woke up at 4, only one was crying. The other started shortly thereafter. They ate and (another different thing) went back to sleep quickly. I was back to bed in under an hour. That has never happened before. I don't know what happened, and it probably won't happen again. But I'm very very thankful for it. It has added to the positive week we are having.

I desperately need to go shopping. The only veggies we have are a load of zucchini that we harvested before the freeze a few days ago, a couple of tomatoes that a neighbor brought over, and some celery. Along with a box of apples (honey crisp!) that we have been working our way through for the past 3 weeks.

I guess that is a lot of veggies, but I feel like I need to be getting so much more nutrition for nursing these twins!

Speaking of nutrition and twins and nursing, when we went to the doc, the babies weights were matching again. Last time we went their weights were both 5 lbs 12 oz. This time after about 10 days or so, we are at 6 lbs 10 oz. The doctor seemed very impressed. The walls in his office are paper thin and I heard him telling the nurse how impressive that was for breast fed twins.

Well, I hear a baby crying. I better get back out there. I may or may not go shopping tonight. but the good news is, if I don't get out tonight I can go tomorrow when another helpful ward member will be here!!!

(sorry about the run on sentences on my blog lately. Every time I use my kindle to write a post it changes my settings)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Tired but here!

So last night we didn't get the twins to bed until around 11pm. I put one twin in the bassinet while I carried the other twin to their crib. Toddler E has been having sleep issues so he was in the crib in the babies room.

I was quiet but must have made some noise because a few minutes later while I was trying to settle the other twin into a deep sleep, toddler E started crying really loud. Hubby heard him and settled him into his toddler bed in A and C's room. We all go to sleep.

 Fast forward an hour. One of the twins wakes up and I go and get them. Only while I am picking them up I hear Toddler E crying in his room. I had C bring him out to me and after putting the twin who was still asleep down, I walked E to a sleeping Daddy who I thought could help. Daddy hears crying E and comes out to help.

 So here it is, after midnight. Daddy with toddler E on one couch, me on the recliner nursing the awake baby and trying to wake up the other baby who is very soundly asleep.

 In the end, we got back to bed at some point. I have a vague recollection of Daddy having to sleep in the recliner with a twin, but frankly last night is a blur and I don't remember if that was last night or the night before :( I'm tired.

 But it is general conference this weekend, so at least there are lots of naps and no church to try to go to. I'm really nervous about this new development with E. If it continues then we will really have a problem. A sleep problem.

 Anyway, we are still here, plowing through.

Last night when I was the most tired, I started imagining hiring a night nurse. LOL.

 The good news is that today the boys are 4 weeks old. We are one month closer to sleeping through the night. I may start begging my Mother in law to come and stay again. I'm really not sure how this is going to play out.

 At least its Sunday and I can sleep all day if I need to. Hubby is currently sleeping on the recliner with both babies in his arms.