Sunday, October 31, 2010

These are a few of my favorite things...

Just had to share. My new favorite thing is my rice sock!

Yes, its great for a neck ache. Great for many aches and pains.

But did you know its good for other things?

Its a great solution to a cold bed and cold feet!!!!

I used to wait for an electric blanket to heat up. But I read a while back (maybe I should look it up again) that if you are pregnant you shouldn't use an electric blanket.

So, I came up with this cold feet solution. Because I CAN'T SLEEP WITH COLD FEET! I've tried. I've even been able to sleep. Only to wake up from a nap with STILL COLD FEET!

Do you have cold feet? You too can have a rice sock! Just grab an old clean non-holey tube sock, a rubber band and some cheap rice. 2 min in the microwave and your feet will be in heaven.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

An announcement

Just wanted to share our exciting news!

Milton and I are expecting an addition to our family.

Thats right! We're buying more sheep!

Just kidding. Milton wouldn't let me buy any more unless I sold some.

Actually I'm pregnant. YAY!!! The due date is April 18, and I'm 12 weeks along right now.

We only just started telling close family this week. So if you're just now finding out, don't feel bad, so is everyone else!

Now one request. PLEASE DON'T TELL OUR KIDS!!! We haven't told them yet. We're thinking around Thanksgiving when we find out if its a girl or boy. It may change in the meantime, but as of right now, we're waiting.

We will probably start telling the general public around the same time. So if your great aunt Flo's next door neighbor doesn't know, no need to tell her! ;)

OK. Whew. Now on to the rest of our boring lives!

A is doing great in school. She has lots of friends, and a new best friend every day/week. She loves school and comes home every day happy (usually). She has started singing more and more, I think its because of all the singing in class and music. She loves all the playground equipment. Her writing is getting better all of the time. She just started piano and has written her own song.

C loves school for another year!! This makes me happy. One of these years she is going to decide she doesn't like it so much, and I don't look forward to that day.

She is starting up piano lessons again, and doing well. She has lots of friends at school and LOVES her teacher. YAY! She and A both beg for hot lunch. So I let them have it on their birthdays, if they want to buy it with tooth fairy money (the tooth fairy is more generous on those days) and if we are out of bread (hey, it happens!). I'm such a mean mom :)

Hubby is busy around the house. Seems like our home wants to fall apart this year. We managed to have the refrigerator fixed (which broke down after the freezer), but turns out it would take quite a lot of $$ to fix the freezer. So we are in the market for a new to us freezer (again) 20cu ft, upright. Milton's also been busy fixing the garage door handle which jammed and had to be replaced a couple of weeks ago. But I do have to say, now that anything closes funny or doesn't work quite perfectly, its got me worried. I'm just waiting for the next thing to break. I'm hoping we'll get a break!!

The garden is finishing up. We have tons of tomatoes, and green that I hope make it. I made a great fresh tomato soup for dinner yesterday. It was good, except for the fact that my submersible blender (wedding gift) decided that it was done for. Mom and Dad' weren't home to borrow from, so I had to pour the boiling contents of my pan into my blender. Anyway, it was really good. Ask Mom. I made too much so brought her a bowl this morning:)

The cows are growing. The chickens are laying. The sheep are getting fluffy. The turkeys are getting fat. The turkeys will be selling at $3.99/lb finished weight if you know anyone who has $$ and wants to spend it on an all naturally fed, pasture raised turkey.

The black walnuts are starting to fall. But I can't go pick them up until hubby moves the cows on saturday and we have a good rain storm. I don't think cow patties would add that much color to my wool...:) but I am looking forward to using what I learned last year when I process the black walnuts and use them to dye wool.

I turned 33 this past Monday. Mom, Jen, Jett, Laura, Alysa, and Aftyn and I all went out to lunch together. Hubby made dinner and a delicious strawberry trifle for me, and the girls both drew pictures for me. Over all it was a very nice day. Thank you Honey!!!