Monday, December 31, 2012

Keep on trucking

So we are just trucking along still.

The boys are doing well.  Healthy and happy.  Sleeping through the night a lot. From 9 to about 5 and then if I'm lucky they go down for another hour.

Ned's newest word is whoa and he uses it liberally.  Even getting the context correct! He loves to help still.  He has stopped climbing on the table as much since he fell off. He was fine but may have scarred Cecilee for life.  He was on the table, she was trying to get him off, he backed away from her and fell off.  Cecilee felt awful. 

The girls got new bikes for Christmas and have been riding around when weather permits. We've all been spending time playing the new sports game we got for Christmas.  Hubby is upset that the girls keep creaming him in bowling.  

I've been getting more sleep, but it will be a while before it isn't like gold to me.  

We never did put up a tree for Christmas. It just wasn't practical this year. We weren't sure when the carpet was coming, and with toddler E into everything it just seemed like a extra headache. C made a Christmas tree project that was cute. We put it on the wall and put the presents under it. It was a little weird, but it will be a memory.  

The twins are cooing and smiling bunches.  They are almost 4 months old.  They each look different from the other.  They still have the entire ward charmed.  I've been busy in primary so it seems like hubby keeps one baby and I have to find someone else to keep the other.  I've had nothing but good reviews ( it's nap time, they just sleep and look cute) we'll see what happens when we go to a different schedule next week.  

Toddler E wants to play the kinect so bad.  I'm trying to convince the girls to try and teach him to play.  We'll see what happens.  He loves to watch them play.

Time to change the diapers!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Toddler E

Loves to climb. Can now climb onto the table and has grown clever enough to push chairs over to what he wants.

Tonight I had some milk making cookies on the counter. The boys seem like they might need a little more nutrition (for weight issues) so I've been drinking water and I also made these. They are basically oatmeal cookies with flax seed and brewers yeast.
Anyway, toddler E saw where we were getting them, waited for a time when his sisters weren't watching, I was in the shower, etc, and went for it.  When I went to get another cookie later there were 2 left. Each had a big bite taken out of them.  There had been about 5 cookies.  All night he kept showing up with a cookie. So I think he stashed them also.

It was one of those situations where you are aggravated and amused at the same time.  And impressed :)

Monday, December 3, 2012

Life is good

Ok, so that last post focuses on negatives so I'm making myself write down my blessings.

Healthy kids. Slightly crusty noses. But doing well besides that.

Good older sister helpers.

Great husband. Very supportive and hard working.

Working with a great company putting our house back together.  

Fireplace that keeps us warm despite missing a whole lot of ducting.

Soft bed.

Reliable car.

Holiday shopping mostly done

Babies sleeping a lot at night. (I told hubby that its like a starving or thirsty man. You can't give me just a little water at a time. It's torture. I want to drink gallons of it. Sleep that is.)

Swaddles. Couldn't live without them.

iPad, kindle


Caring hubby

Sweet kiddos

Toddler N is a smiley sweetie. Who climbed up on the piano keyboard today.  Yes he's climbing. Thanks Dad.

The other day I was walking past the nursery and out he came with a nursery leader. The front of his pants were soaked.  I asked if he had spilled water on himself.  She then asked if he was wearing a diaper. I said yes.  She checked the back of his pants and she said I don't think he's wearing a diaper.  I said no way! And then oh my heck.  We went to the mothers room to remedy the situation, all the while me trying to figure out who could have forgotten to puta diaper on him. I mean we are sleep deprived, but to forget a diaper?  Anyway, as I was removing his pants, I found his diaper down one of his pants legs.  My guess is that he was playing with the tabs.  

He likes to climb on the toilet in the guest bathroom, the table, and the bunk beds so far. I don't dare wonder what he will climb next.

Life is hard

So yeah. Life seems hard tonight.  I think I'm just tired. 

Today was a day of ups and downs.

The boys slept until 5:30.yay!
The boys wouldn't go back to sleep until their normal 7:30 wake up time.
My dreams of a long luxurious shower and perhaps some time for myself went poof!
I managed to squeeze a shower into a brief moment when they took a short nap.

Trying to get anything done anymore seems like I'm slogging through quicksand.  Sure, say I want to go work on a Christmas project.  In order to do that someone has to be napping.  And even then the someone who is napping may want to be held.

Say I want to go anywhere.  I can't. The only time I go anywhere during the day involves a massive effort.  We went to Costco during the day last week and it was a huge production involving a double stroller, a cart, and way to much time getting little bodies in and out of carseats. 

Yes. We are almost there on sleep.  With extra feedings for baby Q the long periods of sleep are getting better. But it's just so hard to fathom the difference between one baby and two unless you have been there before.

I don't have any time or brain cells left to do much thinking.  Hubby keeps asking me what I want for Christmas and i can't think of anything.  But that's only because sleep doesn't come in pill form yet.

I'm exhausted and I think I just need to figure out how to make time to do something for me.  Hubby gives me breaks, I guess I just need to figure out how to better use them.

I've got ward help. But when they come I focus on getting my house clean and organized. Or I go to doctors appointments.  I do get a shower when they come.  They help me so much.  Can you imagine where I would be If I didn't have that help?

I think I should go to bed.  I need to drink more water and eat more veggies.

I miss my Mom.

Don't ask me about carpet, remodeling, if I want anymore kids, what I want for Christmas, how badly I need a haircut, why Its time to repaint my home, or any of the other subjects that are overwhelming me right now.

life is hard.