Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Home Addition update

I finished off last time with the wall coming down and the framing being done.  There were three different inspections that had to pass before the drywall went up and that took a few days to happen, but once it did the drywall went up, a week of tape, mudding, and texture and then we were onto paint, etc.  It's been coming together nicely.

 Trying to figure out paint colors.  Drywall has been added.

 We went with a slate blue in the kitchen and Den with a mild gray in the rest of the house.

 Here is the gray.
 French doors to let in light to the kitchen, when the painting is done.

 The rustic hickory hard wood floors.
 The entry.
 I love the floors.  Beautiful variation in the color and pattern of the grains.
 The install team are native Ukrainian.  They did a wonderful job and were very polite.

 The floors in the den.
 The entry.
 The mudroom.  Megan's vision.  5 cubbies in the middle and a closet on each side.  Storing jackets on the left and brooms and cleaning supplies on the right.
 Lounging during the weekend.
 And this is where we are at now.  Cabinet install in progress.
 Built-ins for the den.  This was what I wanted.  Computers will be in the middle and bookshelves to make it look like I read, when we all know Megan and the girls make time to read.

Saturday, September 19, 2015


Nolan has been saying "Oh! That is amazing!" today.
Of course it sounds more like "O! Tha 'Mazing!"

Sunday, September 6, 2015

This is what a home addition looks like

Megan relayed in the post before this what brought about why we added onto our home.  Watching a bunch of HGTV and now here we are.  I'll try to get this all in order, but here goes.

It all started with the excavation. 

 Tons and tons of dirt that will be leveled out and added to the slope of our property.

 Here are multiple views of where the dirt came from.  We decided to do 9 ft ceilings in the basement to help it not feel like a basement, but with all the bonuses of a daylight basement.
 Doesn't look like much,m but that is a deep hole.
 The back door was locked from the outside so the boys didn't get any ideas.  When the excavation started happening and they were tearing up the back porch, the twins started crying.  They probably thought the whole house was coming down.
 A view from the pasture.
The boys loved the hole.

Next was the footers and the walls of concrete.

 With Mia in there you can get a little perspective of how big these walls were
The finished basement walls.

 Then the framing began
 Looks big.  I guess it is 1350 extra square feet
 upstairs walls going up.  This is view is towards the Mud room.
 View of the play room down stairs.
 View towards the bathroom and downstairs bedroom.
 Upstairs with the rooms being framed in.
 The stairs
 The stairs part 2.
 view of the stairs from the basement.
 The windows from the daylight basement.
 Bathroom framed in.
 upstairs Den Windows
 Hallway to bedroom upstairs

 This was our dining room.
 This was our kitchen
 This is the wall that will come down a little bit to create a more open view to the living room
 This was where the stove and microwave was
 New shower downstairs.
 This is the wall from the house that will disappear.
 Blown in insulation
 The wall is now gone.  view from the Kitchen
 View of the wall disappearing from the living room.
 New view to the living room from the kitchen
Another view.

As you can see it's looking pretty cool.  We are currently done with drywall and the tape and mudding is going on right now, but I haven't taken pictures yet.  It's a complete mess right now, but we're supposedly only six weeks from completion.  Looking forward to cooking with and oven and multiple burners again.