Sunday, July 28, 2013

So tired of the sick posts!

I'm so sick of all of the sick posts! Lets talk about something more exciting.  Trouble is what?

Lets see.... Nolan is feeling a whole lot better and I love getting all of his shy smiles.  Milton had him giggling like crazy yesterday.  He is a sweet boy, but very quiet and almost solemn. so to hear him giggling like that was a treat! 

Quinton is our Mr. Personality. He is always smiling and whine/crying for something.  he is the first up in the morning, and the one who doesn't want to go to bed at night.  He likes to explore and follow you around. 

Edison is starting to interact with these 2 more and more.  He will stand at a toy and play with the boys until they get in his way and he will try and knock them out of the way. But he is quick to say sorry and has started to kiss everyone and anyone.  Its sweet.

Cecilee is a good big sister who will do anything that you ask her to do. She and Mia love to play board games and love the ipad and the kindle.  We have to limit their time and also make them earn any time on it. They love technology like most kids. It was kind of funny around Christmas when all of the toy catalogs came in the paper. they kept pointing out the phones and saying, Mom if I save my money can I buy that phone? Then I would have to explain that even if they paid for the phone, they wouldn't be able to call anyone unless they paid a monthy fee.  I feel bad telling them that, but they need to understand that the toys their friends have cost a lot of money.

Mia has decided that she wants to be a woodcarver after seeing her cousin learning how a few weeks ago. It has been fun to teach her how to carve soap. she doesn't quite understand why or what she is making, but she has turned out some cute soap fish! they are currently residing in all of the soap trays in the house. We don't have room for any more so I told her I'd find her a piece of wood to hack away at this week.

Friday, July 26, 2013

follow up

So we have 2 ear infections, an inclusion (either an ear infection coming or one healing), Milton and I are on meds for what we have going on. Not strep or Mono (that was an interesting test to wait for results on.  I think it was a sinus infection starting or going.

Anyway, Milton and I have noticed that out pain is decreasing (yay!) and so we didn't just have a cold, but a secondary infection, most likely sinus complicated by ear. (since the meds only treat bacterial infections and there is nothing to treat the common cold)

the boys seem happy, and seem to be feeling better. So that makes me happy!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

to the doctor...

To the doctor , to the doctor, cuz we can't shake this cold.
To the doctor cuz we're miserable, to the doctor who might make us feel better!

Yes, that is sung to the tune Oh my Darlin' Clementine. Its my original composition. :) And yes, I know that the last line doesn't work well.

So we can't seem to shake this cold. Everytime I think I am getting over it I have nights like last night. I had been feeling fine except for a sore throat when drinking water.  Like it was raw in parts and when I drank a whole lot of water at a time all the raw parts would rub on each other and get sore.
Anyway, every single one of us has a doctors appointment this today. I don't know if they can help us, but maybe they can answer some questions.

Quinten is being very cute these days with a little waving and becoming very independent. But he is also biting me hard everytime he nurses. And he also bites everytime his mouth gets close to anything. your skin, your clothes, everything. We've tried to flick him everytime, but he just doesnt seem to get it. Also it happens so often I feel like I'm abusing him with all the flicking. So I'm going to stop.  I'm just going to deal with it (saying No! which makes him cry anyway) and just try to focus on the fact that weaning starts in about 6 weeks!

Nolan has been very sick with a cold in both eyes and a bad cough and just looking miserable. Day before yesterday he started smiling again and yesterday the smiles started getting bigger.  If only the snotty noses would stop.

Ned is very cute these days also with all of the kissing. He will kiss everyone.  And does.  He is having trouble expressing his wishes and that is frustrating to him. But we are all working together on that. 

Well, got to go. Cranky baby alert.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another cold

Well, we were cold free for a couple of weeks. It was wonderful.
Then we had our family reunion. I enjoyed every moment, except the times I heard coughing coming from a particular family.  I saw the cold coming from a mile off and braced for it.
We love seeing everyone, just wish we didn't always seem to get sick from large family gatherings.  Oh we'll. probably something to get used to with so many young kids in our family.

I'm up  with poor Quinten who has been sick with a cough, sore throat, and tonight fever.  Milton and I have very sore throats and tonsils. So bad that any swallowing is awful. I meant he most painful I can remember. Ever. Everyone else is still healthy for now.

We're pulling the trigger on homeschooling. Should be interesting. Going with Idaho IDEA charter school for now.

More another time. Quinten is asleep again and the meds are kicking in.