Monday, August 5, 2013

And so it goes

So Nolan had a reaction to the amoxicillin.  Poor kid was covered in spots literally from head to toe. 
The doctor insisted on seeing him and said that most likely he was allergic. However, because of his age it wasn't for sure yet, so if we wanted we could do allergy testing when he was older.  Also, there was a very small chance that the rash was from a virus (ear infection?).  After about 3 days the spots finally disappeared.  Thanks goodness the doc mentioned that the spots would most likely get worse in the 24 hours following their appearance or I would most likely have been making a panicked phone call.  Poor kid.

This cold just keeps on giving.

 Anyway, this past week has been full of adventure that's for sure. 

We've also been working on potty training Ned. I started on Thursday, because we needed to get started. Well, it has been less than successful. But we keep plugging along. 

Anyway, Ned just managed to wake up the babies (after waking me up at 4:30. Couldn't get back to sleep).  So I better get going.