Thursday, June 28, 2012

dryer update

Thanks to YouTube, hubby took the dryer apart (halfway) and then messed around moving things and trying to identify the trouble.  Low and behold, after a bit of drum rotation, moving the felt around and general messing with it, out fell 2 quarters, a dime and 6 pennies.  Along with a small ball of lint that had been rolled and rolled.  Seems like this was the problem.

Cross your fingers.  Perhaps he fixed the dryer and we made .66 on the whole affair!  All for about 30 min. of our time. 

Funny thing is, you don't know how much you need something until it breaks.  I was thinking about spending $75 to have Sears come out... totally worth googling the problem and trying to fix it yourself.

If its not one thing...

So the dryer started thumping last night. Then the thumping got worse after a second load was going.  I stopped the mostly dry load and proceeded to google possible problems.  There are some great YouTube videos out there. So I may be taking the dryer apart tonight to diagnose the situation.

Trouble is, parts would be at least a week out and we are going out of town tomorrow.  But at least there is a dryer next door we can use.  I just hope we can fix it.  If not, well, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

In other news, this morning out of the corner of my eye I saw my tummy rippling.  It happened a few more times over the next 10 seconds. Wow. That was weird.

We've had a crazy busy week.  Softball games, visiting teaching, dentist appointments, piano and swimming lessons, family obligations, and church meetings.  By the way the Boise Temple open house is scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2012.   But today we get to go to my doctor and take the glucose test. yummy.  And then tomorrow a quick trip to a wedding.

I didn't realize that i needed a break from my calling for a week until I realized I was feeling relief at not having to do it on Sunday.  It has been my month to teach sharing time, so that is probably the reason.  Its always a big month getting a big lesson every week.  I do have to say that I've enjoyed this month's topics.  Very basic ones like tithing, modesty, etc.  Next month is the same. I'm filling in one week and my topic is kindness.

Baby E is walking up a storm these days.  He loves the word eat and has discovered that he likes Elmo's world.  He is getting very wiggly during church and is sooo ready for nursery.  The other day he tried to dart in and join the fun.  I guess all of those kids playing with toys were to tempting for him.

The girls are doing great at swimming lessons. I have only been a few times due to Baby E's wiggling, but I'm going to go with them today as promised and watch.  They are getting so confident in the water.  We went to an Elders quorum part on Friday and they were so comfortable in the water.  It was great!

The last piano lesson was yesterday.  Swimming ends today, and softball only has 2 more weeks left.  I have enjoyed the opportunities for them, but am looking forward to a few weeks to enjoy the lazy days of summer with them.  And then it will be time to go to the beach!  I'll be 28 weeks when we go.  I am getting more and more uncomfortable.  But so far just normal stuff.  Turning over 3 times a night due to hip aches, can't lie on my back for very long, can't eat big meals, etc etc.  Nothing that would keep me from going to the beach yet.

Craft update - 2 shirts 2 pants.  If I was building a house and putting in the plumbing, I would say they had been "roughed in". Basically the structure is there, but ends need to be tucked in, buttons, etc need to be attached, and the waste band on the pants needs to be done.

I have one baby blanket 1/2 done, but with our trip coming up tomorrow, there is a good chance I could finish one this weekend.  I am getting a little tired of crochet though, so I may bring along the knitting needles for that scripture case I need to get started on..

Saturday, June 16, 2012


Status report:
Baby room, organized and ready for an additional crib. 

My room, clean and ready for vacuuming.

blessing outfits -  4 sleeves down, 1 shirt mostly done, 2nd shirt started

baby blankets - 1 started and now about 6 inches long

Scripture case - scriptures on backorder.

I love that the girls like to play with baby E.  He hangs out with them while they do chores or while they watch Curious George. 

Softball season is in full swing and was brutal last week.  4 days of games. Thank goodness there aren't games Friday or the weekend.

Swimming lessons start on Monday,

Summer Library starts on Monday.

I just realized I've got to GOT TO finish preparing sharing time for Sunday. I've had such a busy week with the primary activity stressing me out (really that was the busy part, the worrying) that I've only read over the outline.  I've been thinking about the topic all week though.  Sometimes that is all the prep that you need before writing the actual lesson plan.

Thinking about ways to gain access to a pool. It may help me get even more exercise while pregnant.  And might even give me some relief in the coming months as I get larger.

Well, its naptime! Great time to get stuff done!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Big things!

Baby E is now walking.  We knew he could, but just didn't have the interest.  Well now that his biggest hero (his Dad) has been extra encouraging about it, and he understands what 'walk' means, he is trying it everywhere. At the Orthodontist, in the grass, on the carpet, the linoleum. Everywhere.

Its really exciting.  the girls love it and are so proud of him.  All 3 of them are currently outside playing in the irrigation water flooding the yard.  I love that they can play together despite the age difference.

A few things off of the to do list - I finished organizing my new craft closet.  I've also gotten the baby room about 2/3rds organized.

A few things to add to the to do list.  I need to crochet baby blankets for the twins, and blessing outfits for the twins and I need to knit a scripture case for A's 8th birthday. Can't go against tradition.  Luckily its softball season. Many hours sitting watching softball is great for crafting.  And since I wouldn't want to chance taking white thread crochet to a softball game, it will be a good break for me to switch things up and not get tired of one project or the other.  I'm thinking a pineapple afghan for the boys.

Also, I am starting to look really pregnant depending on what outfit I am wearing.  My favorite church skirt still fits (yes!) but it is starting to get snug.  The babies are kicking and moving a lot.  They move the most after I've eaten a meal.  According to our last ultrasound, they are about 1 lb 3 oz and 1 lb 5 oz. and both looking healthy and growing well.

I met with my new OBGYN. Yes, I have to have a new one. My midwife doesn't deliver twins. But her practice is just her and this other doctor. So one or the other will deliver the babies.

The new doctor is a little stiff, not as friendly as my midwife. But she did take the time with our appointment which is still much better than the doctor who delivered my first 2 babies. His appointments were literally taking a measurement and then asking if I had any questions.  And then he was outta there!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

whistle while you work

I've been working on blessing outfits for the boys. 

Don't laugh.  Its thread crochet.  2 whole outfits. Its going to take months. So anyway, I started last week.  I got a the front and back of a shirt done and started on a sleeve. I thought it was looking to big, but after starting the sleeve I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to switch to a different hook and start all over.   Ugh.  This shirt looks like it would fit baby E.

In other news, I'm still getting projects done but now have an intense desire to deep clean MY ENTIRE HOUSE.  With a TOOTHBRUSH!

We get to have another ultra sound today. 

There was something else...something new Baby E was doing...I don't remember.

The girls and I are enjoying summer.  We have swimming lessons starting in a little over a week and then at the end of the month we have a trip to Utah for a wedding planned.

The rest of June is somewhat full of appointments with the dentist, orthodontist, pediatrician, primary activity, and piano lessons. It would be a full month with school, but without it, it feels doable!

Oh that is what I was going to say about Baby E.  He is now saying "Uh OH!".  Occasionally on his own, and sometimes when you say it to him. It's adorable.

He is getting so independent. And now that I'm not nursing him anymore, his favorite person in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is Daddy. He can even say "DA!" .  But I'm not sure he is saying Dad or if he just likes the sound of it. It doesn't really matter though, right?

His older sisters love watching him and playing with him all day.  Leaving me with lots of time to work on the blessing outfits, dye wool, and as soon as I buy some totes, organize my craft closet.  YAY!

They are also currently obsessed with our Nintendo 64.  Sunday we got it out and let them play Mario Cart.  Then we had a rainy Monday (or was it Tuesday?) and I let them play it after chores.  Now they ask if they can play it all the time. I've had to limit it and put rules on it. They discovered a Zelda game today.  Luckily we only have about 4 games all told.  As long as they play outside and don't fight, I'm ok with them playing a limited time on it.

The girls also have started softball.  Hubby is C's coach and A has a different coach.  The practice is early so they have been getting home a little after 7. 

We've had another adventure on the property.  It wasn't all that exciting though.  We had a wind storm a few nights ago and it caused a very very long buried irrigation pipe to clog.  Hubby and I didn't realize it until a neighbor pointed it out.  So after a day at work, putting up some new electrical fencing, and some other chores around the house, we got to try and unclog this pipe.  It was all sorts of fun.  Truth is, its tiring.  And after we were losing the light and hubby was cold and tired, we decided to give it up for the night.

Next morning imagine our surprise and delight when the pipe was flowing just fine.  I'd say that our cool gadget where we duct taped a whole bunch of PVC sprinkler pipes together and fished around for the clog worked. It might have, we even taped an empty plastic water bottle on the end to act as a battling ram. But truthfully, I'm pretty sure our prayers were answered that night.  We were not sure what to do next and were afraid we would have to call in some help (RotoROOTER!)

Saturday, June 2, 2012

keep on movin' on

Wrapping paper is now organized. However, it didn't quite clear out the closet like I had hoped...

Baby E has started to talk (babble) on the phone. Its really cute. I have always given him the opportunity to 'talk' on the phone with Daddy, but lately, he will play with the phone. 
The other day he was pushing all of the buttons, and enjoying the lights when he put it to his ear and babbled. It was really cute.

I took the girls to a birthday party today.  It was pretty fun.  They had a blow up bouncy water slide thing and the kids went down it for about 3 hours straight.  I hadn't slept more than 5 hours the night before and was cranky. But its amazing to me how sometimes getting out to socialize with other moms can help you get into a better frame of mind.  Well, that and some snacky foods.