Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Its all about attitude people!

So last night was awful.  Baby Q was up abou 12:30. As any mom knows, the earlier they are up, the harder it is to get yourself up.  Boy was I groggy and out of it. And then after feeding, Baby Q didn't want to go back to bed. So I was up for a bit.  Then, Baby N was up about 4:30.  Not as bad, but still a little out of it. And I was trying to stay out of it. so instead of surfing the net on the ipad, I was sitting with my eyes closed, trying to stay sleepy so I could go back to sleep quickly.  When the alarm clock rang at 7:30, I was groggy, but doing ok.

The girls got themselves up and ready for the bus early. YAY.  I asked C to put a diaper on Toddler E since he waltzed out of his bedroom wearing only a smile - well that and his pajama top.   When C asked for a towel to lift Toddler E's wet shirt I wondered what was going on and looked closer.  Yes, he was soaked in urine.  from the top of the neck to the bottom of his shirt. The entire front was soaked.  Which means (and lets say it all together you moms out there) his entire bed was soaked in urine.

Yes that's right. I get to wash everything.  And Toddler E got a bath.

So I get some and put it in the washer.  It goes for a while. Until I hear a bit louder than normal 'click'.  And the washer is all of a sudden not going anymore.  I checked things out and it seemed like maybe the load was off balance.  I added some clothes to offset a pillow and started it again.  It kept going until - it got to the spin cycle.

Cue ominous music.

Then  I googled like crazy for a while as babies whined, Toddler E did his thing and I flooded my hubby with calls and e-mails at the office.  This is the first time our washer has broken in our 11 years of owning it.  so this was new.

anyway, after some searching and youtube watching and a little time over at searspartsdirect, we figured out it was the latch.  The little dohickey that tells the washer if the lid is open or not.

Hmmm, interesting.

By this time the babies were crying.  It was nap time.  I took a break and nursed them and put them down.  Of course toddler E had pooped his diaper and needed a change as well.

Anyway, during getting the babies ready for naps, I watched more youtube.  And after changing poopy pants and getting the twins in bed, I was able to jimmy-rig the washer to work with a hair elastic!  Yes, it doesn't stop spinning when the lid is open, but until we buy the parts to fix it correctly, we can still do laundry.

my point to this long drawn out story?  Yes, I could be stressed out and unhappy and tired and cranky.  I will admit to being tired, and my kitchen needs to be cleaned, but I decided that I wouldn't let it get to me today.

Yes, it might get to me later, but not right now!

so its all about attitude.  We make choices.  Are we going to be calm or are we going to be stressed out and worried and crying? Or are we going to be happy the twins are napping and Baby N is getting over his cold and Toddler E and baby Q don't have it, Happy that hubby vacuumed and straightened the family room yesterday.  Or unhappy that we are almost out of bread, I need a shower, or that the Ipad needs to be charged, and I still need to clean the kitchen, and I keep forgetting to buy a calendar.

Get my point? Dwell on the positives! 

Disclaimer - this is my attitude today (now) and it is working for me today. I will not guarantee that I will not get cranky later or that tomorrow I will not be stressed out.  I am just doing my best, and today that is a positive attitude.