Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Oh my goodness

 When did life get so crazy?

We have been so busy with school finishing up and everything else going on.

Cecilee is off this week enjoying a few days with some fellow 5th graders at outdoor camp.  They are enjoying all sorts of outdoor activities.  She really wanted to go and we told her she could go if she earned half the money. And she did.  We knew a lot of the chaperones and 2 of her cabin chaperones were from our ward.  Her good friends were in her cabin with her also.  When i dropped her off I don't even think she knew I was leaving. She was so into what was happening around her.  I'm really excited she got to go and pray that its a good experience for her.  She needed a little break from her family. don't we all every now and again?

Mia is happy to be done with school  she is missing her sister a lot but enjoying being the oldest at home.  She keeps adding things to her birthday list (that is still months and months away) and wanting to have swimming lessons and do all sorts of fun things this summer.

Ned is potty training. Most days are good days, but don't ask about poop yet.  that is still a work in progress.  Yesterday we were busy doing some chicken coop upgrades and he decided to take off his jeans and underwear and stuff them in the irrigation headgate area (which wasn't flowing right then thank goodness. That would have been one mighty clog) and then he proceeded to hide on the back porch and release some large , well, maybe I shouldn't tell you that story. this is a family blog after all.  In the irrigation area whilst fishing out his clothing (which he was honest enough to tell us about) I also found an uprooted tomato plant and 2 butternut squash plants.  the water was cool, so I think the plants will be fine.  but i would never have found those plants in there without having to fish for the clothes. so I guess that was a small blessing.

The boys are still the terrible twosome.  They are cute and smiley but boy they are into everything. Every time I turn around Quinton has the dishwasher open and is standing on the door.  I don't understand the fascination.  Nolan has recently learned to climb (a few months after his brother, he has a different build) and is constantly dragging my kitchen chairs everywhere.  So THAT has been a whole lot of fun.

They all enjoy going out side and can be pulled out of any cranky mood at the mere mention of going outside.  They love the dirt and water that can be found in the garden.  So they are constantly there despite Milton always telling them to stay away.

They also enjoy swinging on the swing on their tummy because they can do it without help. and Quinten likes to climb up the ladder and go down the slide by himself.  

Milton has been completing various big projects outside (chicken coop, irrigation pipe, garden redesign) with some help from me. I have my own projects, but am kept busy for the most part chasing children down and feeding them along with cleaning and laundry.

I'm excited for my Canterbury bells which are going to bloom in the next day or so (they are opening Laura!!!) and the first couple are going to be purple. but I see pink and white also.

I still have to figure out what to do with lots and lots of larkspur as well as a whole ton of volunteer tomato plants from our garden.  ugh.

Milton and I recently went a way for a quick weekend trip a couple of weeks ago.  We had a couple of quiet days in Cascade and boy did we need it.  Life has been so overwhelming lately and I knew I needed a breather before summer started.  Its my month to teach sharing time, so that's an added stress that I enjoy for the most part.  I like the weeks that i feel the kids respond and I feel like a failure the weeks that the kids just stare at me.  But I'm getting better at it and have had more good lessons than bad.

I'm so proud of Milton.  He continues to actively seek a healthy lifestyle. he gets up at an insane hour and works out every morning before work. I contribute homemade yogurt (check my other blog for the recipe!) and homemade bread, as well as love and support.  He is looking so good these days and has so much energy. I love it!

Friday, May 16, 2014

Potty training!

Its finally that time. We are potty training Ned. Wow.  We started Monday and have been going ever since.  We've had bright shiny days where he took himself 4 times, days of ups (he pooped in the potty chair) and downs (he pooped his pants while we were outside).  We are having more ups than downs lately, so thats good.  He loves the control it gives him. He gets to be a big boy and be in charge of things a little more.

The other day we were in the garden and he was very helpfully pulling weeds.  I said Wow Ned, when did you get to be such a big boy?  and he said I go Potty! .  That was really cute.

The twins are now the destructive duo, the terrible twosome, and any other name you can come up with.  They are a team of destruction from sunup to sundown.  I clean up and have the house sparkling and 12 hours later (the next morning) it looks like I never clean my house. We are working on no and giving them more limits since climbing and figuring out how to open things (like the dishwasher) have opened up so many opportunities for exploring these days.

They love to go outside and will cry if you try and go outside without them.

In general they are happy boys, but Nolan gets upset if someone takes a toy away from him and will cry and cry.  Quinten is saying "shoe!" and Nolan will say "Hi!"  and waves hi and bye.

They both love Grandma who has been coming over to help with them while potty training has been going on.

The girls are excited to be done with school next week.  Its earlier than ever this year due to budget cuts. Luckily the budget is restored next year so we will be back to a normal school year.

Interesting thing I learned this year.  Grades are due Friday (today), so the whole last week of school is basically pointless. Cecilee had a few hours at the local Rec center with her class today, and then she said that they made it almost all the way through "The Rookie".  Hmmm.

Mia has been doing well in school and piano.  I wish she would practice more because she has such talent!

They are both taking lessons from Grandma and will be having a recital June 1st!

If you are wondering where all the farm and garden stuff has gone, I've started a separate blog for it.

Its a blog where I will talk about all the crazy stuff I do like garden, make yogurt, cultured butter, homemade bread and cheese, etc. I'm going to learn how to make cottage cheese! Cows! Chickens! garden redesign! and things like that.  This will be the purely family blog.

My other blog, where I post free LDS books for Kindle is also going strong.  There have been a lot of good free books in the past few months and I'm enjoying helping everyone get them for free!

Anyway, enough for now. I've got to figure out what to do with 40-50 extra tomato plants...Read more at my other blog.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Charter schools. What a joke

We all have to pay for them, but have you tried to get in? Its nearly impossible unless you are one of the lucky few.

The only way you even have a chance to get in is if you are willing to do a mid year transfer when another student moves or transfers out.  They have a different schedule so they start earlier than public school. 

I am so over charter schools.

I still can't believe I have to pay for them yet I can't seem to get into them under normal circumstances. You know, on the first day of school.


Yes, just got the lottery results.  No chance in that hot place.  Again.

Here have some more of my tax dollars! 

I just walked away from this post and I'm back and still ticked off! I have 3 charter schools within 1 mile of my home.  I can't get into any of them and have to have my kids bussed to the public school which is several miles away and across a highway (not an interstate, don't want to be unfair).

And I have to pay for them anyway!

It just makes me so mad.

Charter school boundaries are not the same as normal school boundaries.  One of our charter school boundaries is one subdivision. ONE.  And guess how many houses are in that sub?  I think they may have 3 now.  It was hit hard by the housing bubble bursting.  So even though I am within 1 mile of that school, I'm considered out of bounds.  Just like the child 2 towns over in either direction.

Seriously. I. AM. SO.TICKED.OFF.


Worst is that I can't even say anything about this because I would make half my ward mad since they are on the boards of or part of the founding group of parents, or have kids in 1 of the 3 charter schools.

I really would like to send a letter of complaint about this but can't even figure out who to send it to.