Saturday, September 21, 2013

and so it goes

So the day that I posted last, the twins birthday, Milton had a migraine as he was leaving work. Sounds like nothing huh?  Well imagine your husband calling you from his car and saying that another migraine had hit.  He couldn't feel his hand. He couldn't feel his leg at one point. At one point in our conversation he was slurring his words.  Yeah. That's fun.  And he forgot his meds at his desk.

Luckily he had a coworker who he could text who was able to bring his meds and his water to him.  Meds got in him, eventually the numbness wore off and he just wanted to drive home. I let him go with a promise that if anything felt off he would pull over.

He got home eventually and laid down.  The headache was bad again, but I think we got the meds in him soon enough that he was able to catch the migraine before it got awful.

The twins birthday was weird since we had to tiptoe around and pry Milton out of bed while the migraine was still painful.  The nice thing was that eventually he started feeling a little better and the boys did get some cake and we took pictures.  But it wasn't all that fun.

Fast forward to last Friday.  We decided that since we were homeschooling this year we were going to take advantage of it and go to the beach in September.  The weather was beautiful, less crowded (although the beach we go to is fairly quiet anyway), and we paid much less because we were getting the winter rate.

Milton woke up with a migraine.  So I got him his meds, loaded everyone in the car (luckily we had packed the car Thursday night) and after remembering about 20 more things and almost forgetting my toothbrush, we left.  About LaGrand Milton was feeling better and was at the tail end of the migraine.  He started to push to drive and I said lets wait until Baker city to just make sure he was truly ready.

He drove and got us all there in one piece.  We had a glorious week at the beach and loved every minute.  We drove back yesterday and stopped at Fubon market in Portland. Lots of cool Asian ingredients (a whole cooked duck with its head on still. Ewwww) and an interesting vibe.  We also stopped in Baker City for yummy Piazanos pizza. We discovered this joint the last time we went to the coast when we stopped there for dinner and were tired of fast food.

Anyway, real life is crashing into me right now and I have to much to do and don't want to do it.  My house is a wreck (post vacation laundry) and Milton is gone for the next few hours at soccer games with the girls.  I'm not ready to face real life again yet.

Oh, there is good news with Milton though.  The last migraine he had was the day we left.  He is about 1 week without a migraine.  I'm hopeful but who knows.  He sees the neurologist on Tuesday.  It does look like the migraine cycle is over and we can move on to the next step. Whatever that is.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Holy Cow what a month.

So the twins are one year old today.  I don't have a present for them, I don't really have the desire to do much more than give them a kiss on the cheek and wish them a happy birthday.

There are no people coming over so I could get away with that if I really wanted to.  But I won't. We will have cake and presents and fun.

This past week and a half has been enough to turn my entire head of hair white. It isn't, yet.  But I'm just waiting for it.

Milton has been in the ER 3 times this past week and a half  and got to stay overnight once. I won't go into all of the tests he's been given, but lets just say I don't want to think about the bills that are coming our way.

The final diagnosis is complex migraines.  Migraines that start with numbness in your foot and end with not being able to speak, lump in the throat, wanting to puke because of that lump and many many more symptoms.

He has had so many medicines prescribed that I had to take a sharpy at one point and write what each one was for so that I wouldn't give him the wrong one if I was in a hurry.

I hope that we are now at the tail end of this. Its hard to say where we are for sure since I can't see into the future. But we are 4 days with no migraines so yay!

Occasionally he has had numbness in his foot which used to signal the beginning of a migraine, but so far has just been that. numbness in his foot that goes away and no pain afterwards.  Its weird, but I'm hoping it doesn't mean anything other than the meds are doing their work.

He gets to see his neurologist again in 2 weeks.  I have many more questions for him now that life seems to have returned to normal.

The boys are cute, crawling everywhere, charming everyone.  Ned is potty training and his biggest obstacle is us.  And poop. But he would be more successful if we paid more attention to it. But he along with many other things have been suffering be cause of all the medical issues Daddy has been having.

The girls are enjoying homeschooling. I am trying to figure out how to get them more independent.  I've been spending a lot of time with them everyday as their teacher. I know there are ways to get them to be more independent, but I haven't had time to get organized enough for that. 

Working on it.  But at least their math isn't suffering.  That is the one class we've had everyday of the first week of school.  Just another thing suffering due to Daddy being sick. But we'll get there.  Daddy is feeling better and I am getting into the swing of things.  Funny thing was learning about prime factorization trees this morning with Cecilee and trying to remember how to multiply big numbers like 27 x 49 without a calculator. I know how to do it, but hadn't practiced for a while.  So I had to review to make sure I was teaching her correctly.  I hope to have time this week to prepare more for our lessons beforehand.  I am a bad home school teacher. but I'll get there.