Sunday, June 29, 2014


The funny thing is that I tried to type 'wow' as the title of the post. i had my hands in the wrong position and it came out as SOS. So I stuck with it. Because we have a busy month. Although, I don't know if we are at SOS.

The girls have 2 weeks of swimming lessons starting tomorrow.

The girls have 2 more weeks of softball.

Milton gets to go to Singapore for work in a few weeks for about a week.

We get to leave for the Beach on the very last day of the month.

I teach sharing time just one more time over the 4th of July weekend.  Then I'm free again until September.

Does anyone else have the trouble of keeping the chairs around the table and not pushed to the cupboard to get into things (by 2 toddlers)?  With one child we managed to keep up with it. With 2, its awful.  One will push the chair over and then they both climb up and wreak havoc. 

You could say, just keep the cupboards cleaned off. 

Yesterday they took one of the burners out of the stove.

They are very curious.

I don't know how i'm going to get through this phase but i hope its over quickly.

The twins love to help put laundry away.  All the boys do.  So that's helpful.

They still love to be outside.  We've had rainy days this week and we managed to survive. So that's good.

church is still a wrestling match.  No handing them back and forth to another parent when one gets wiggly or whiny.  To many kids and not enough adult laps. But they can only get older and we are working on helping them learn about church behavior.

They love nursery. The food won them over and then the music and then the toys. all the while having Ned in their with them helps also.

Ned's potty training is going ok.  Most days are good. With the occasional accident mixed in. Just a few a week.  So we are getting there.  He had one yesterday that wasn't his fault. He locked himself in the car while we were stacking wood.  He hasn't figured out how to open a car door yet.

Ned starts swimming lessons tomorrow with the girls.  He doesn't like to get his ears wet in the tub, so we took them all to the pool on Friday.  He was hesitant at first, but by the time we left he was going in and out of pools and sitting on the steps. he loved moving around in the 1ft pool and splashing.  I think as long as his class isn't filled with cryers and screamers he should do just fine.

The girls earned the pool trip by doing their chores really well for an entire month.

The girls are maturing very well lately.  When they do their chores everyday they are learning that they are easier to do.  all in all the whole house is running better since they are helping out more.

We all are in charge of getting a child ready for the day.  Its nice to have help dressing and changing all the boys each morning.

the girls have also been earning trips to the library by practicing their piano .  they love those because they usually involve an ice cream cone.

We've been busy getting ready for winter by stacking cords and cords of wood, tons and tons of alfalfa and I use the term We loosely. Its mostly Milton and the girls with a little help from Ned thrown in here and there.

Milton is excited for Singapore and I'm excited for him.  He has lost over 80 pounds now and is looking really good.  I was just looking at pictures from Cecilee's baptism today and he has changed so much!  He works out every morning at the work gym and is enjoying life more because he feels better.

I'm just busy. With all the help from the girls I've had to figure out how to structure my day. but for once, the laundry is regularly caught up! And dishes are done every single night, and we are having more fun!  The house is looking nice and I've rediscovered the joy I had when I play around on the piano.  Next up is rediscovering the joy of doing crafty things!