Thursday, August 25, 2016

How about a new post.  It's been awhile.  In the spring or early summer, I can't remember specifically, but Megan and her Dad talked about an idea for our shed where we store our wood and misc supplies.  The wood is stored on one side and then various stuff on the other.  The other side needed organized and after the mention of this idea from Megan, I sought out to improve the shed since I also thought this was a great idea.

Megan was able to gather all the pots we had stored up in the shed that we used for growing plants in the spring, moved into a storage bin by the greenhouse.  I then went about organizing my lawn tools and creating a bin in the shed for all the starter wood that was scattered everywhere.  This created a space that I could park the mower.  This is where Megan's idea of a second door for the mower came to be realized.  I took down part of the wall and went about building some new doors.  The old entrance location also needed some new doors, so why not do both.  I watched a couple of different YouTube videos and came up with what I wanted to do.

Here are the results.  Megan also helped with the painting, which I greatly appreciated.  I'm also thankful for some tools that I was able to use from my Father in laws arsenal.

This is after I finished constructing the doors.  I used 2x6 for the frame and stripped off the outer beveled edge.  I used pocket screws to hold it together.  I then routed out a 1/2 inch edge on the back of the door to place the particle board inset and nailed it into place.

This is after the doors where painted and before they were put into place.  It's no easy task to hang doors.  The new doors on the right went pretty smoothly, but the replacements on the main entrance to the left took some work.  Overall it turned out well.

The rest of the shed also needed to match so it finally received a fresh coat of paint after 9 years of waiting.  You can see in the previous picture that the shed was looking pretty sad.  I power washed the wood to get rid of the layer of dirt.  After the fresh coat of paint it looks halfway decent.  I've also added some shelves to store some gas for the mower and fertilizer for the lawn in order to keep out of the little  boys hands.  I'm pretty happy with the final results.

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  1. How cool! I love looking at other people's blogs! Love your pics! You did a great job.. Wish I was that handy w/ tools. I always have to get my bf to do stuff like that for me.. lol..