Monday, August 29, 2016

Its been a long time

So its been a while. I had realize that, but just hadn't made this a priority. sorry.:(

Anyway, lets see...what is going on with my life.  The chickens.  The chickens are  not laying where they are supposed to be! And then they like to wander way farther than they ever have.  That is not so great when the neighbors are somewhat close.  Its very frustrating  and now I am visting not letting them free range for a little while so they will lay in the coop and remember that is where the eggs go.

Quinten is obsesses with primary music.  He likes to listen on the ipad and turn the volume all the WAY UP.  He likes to tell you that "Child of God is on the IPAD!!!!!"  and  that "I go to the temple. You want to come to temple?" and "The temple is open today!". Its sweet, amusing, and a little annoying with the music is really loud.  But mostly sweet.

Nolan has discovered that he can have an opinion. And be stubborn. And throw fits. Its lovely.  But its just a phase. And Wee loveee himmmmm.  He is talking more and more, but  still hard to understand.  He and Quinten are in sunbeams.  They start preschool  after labor day and are looking forward to it very much.

Ned is in kindergarten and loves every minute. he loves building with legos and so do all the boys. He plays a lot with the smaller legos.   He goes to kindergarten with a huge smile on his face and comes out with a huge smile on his face. he is a happy boy. and he loves kindergarten.He likes to tease and torture his brothers, so we are working on  that.  He likes doing stuff outside with his dad and isa huge help. He is to the point where he will do his chores, and especially likes to do thm when he can earn things.  Like time onthe computer.

Mia is almost 12 years old. She is about a month away and can barely wait.  She also loves to play lego friends, loves graphic novels, and  enjoys pokemon shows.  She enjoys playing Roblox with her friends and is always looking for a playdate to go on.  She enjoys going to her friend Peyton's house because she has horses and all sorts of other animals.

Cecilee is in 8th grade and loving life. She likes to work hard at school and hang out with her friends.  She is often found on the phone with her friend from Washington.  She loves to read and go to the library.  She enjoys mutual and also having friends over. 

Ned, Cecilee and Mia are all going to be starting soccer pretty quick. This is Ned's first year and Milton is his coach.  It shoudl be interesting to see how that goes.  I know that Milton is looking forward to it. 

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